Snow? No!

Yes, that is a four letter word that puts fear into the hearts of many!  So many folks have a love/hate relationship with the white stuff, wanting it to snow from December 18- 25, then wishing it to cease to be!  I have actually heard some proclaim it should snow Christmas Eve, only!!

When first we moved here, I was thrilled to be living within a couple miles of one of New York State’s ski areas! Yes! Growing up in one of New York’s snowbelt areas,  I love snow.  I have played in it, shoveled it,  waded through it,  and yes, even eaten it!  Snow was a very important factor in the winter months where I lived.  We even learned to drive in it.

Shortly after moving here, I read a detailed article on how the ski area located so nearby was developed to operate with or without Mother Nature’s help.  Wonderful! In other words, our mountain has enough equipment to create inches and feet of snow so long as the temperature is below freezing.

This evening, the kids wanted pizza for dinner, so we ordered from the local convenience store.  As soon as I walked out our front door, I could hear that steady drone of the hydants over on the mountain, making snow.  We had some snow in October, and here it is, less than three weeks before Christmas with no snow in sight.

I was so upset this evening,  I actually caught a corner of the cape I was wearing in the door latching mechanism of the Explorer.  The cape was *so* caught, in fact, that I had to climb out the passenger side door to go into the store. I had slithered out of the warm and cozy cape firmly captivated by my door,  angrier than a wet hen!

We picked up the pizza, then as I moved along the road toward home,  I stopped at the mountain to take a few photos.

making snow at bristol mountain 1,small

making snow at bristol mountain 2.small

making snow at bristol mountain 3.small

making snow at bristol mountain 4.small

Well, my foul mood didn’t stop me from taking some photos.

When I arrived back home,  Michelle held the handle of the door in her hand as I applied force on the door and we finally were able to pop it open.  Another great disaster averted! Perhaps not so disastrous, but certainly stirring a ner panic response on my behalf….it is less than comforting knowing that one’s door is unable to open! In the end, we surmised that the cape had gotten tangled into the door mechanism, as th locks worked perfectly!