You’ve Come a Long Way, Baby!

Uh oh!

Since my post earlier this week regarding the “land of too much”, I have been going through a lot of “stuff” trying to decide how best to put it to use.  (eradicate it!!!)  Michelle,  being a rather keen student of observation,  has been watching my antics with some interest.  And so……

Late this afternoon,  she came wandering into the bedroom.

Mom, since you are getting rid of stuff, do you *really* wanna save this?

As she made her entrance into the room,  I looked up in sheer disbelief,  thinking “this” was long gone from our home!

our first digital camera.small

Purchased early in 1999, this was our first digital camera! It was a Kodak DC210 and when Mark introduced me to the world of digital imaging,  I was over the moon!  To be able to shoot a photo, then immediately print it was just beyond my imaginings!   I had no idea the impact digital photography would have in the lives of people all around the world!  To print images is one thing, but to be able to trasmit them from a computer right away was incredible!

back of kodak camera.small

I was trying to think where we went from this camera. It would have been the Olympus c-5050 zoom from which I hopped into the world of D-SLR’s with the Nikon D-80. 

Wow.  It is simply mind-boggling how photography has progressed with the advent of point-and-shoot cameras, which then made the transition to digital models. 

I had to smile, remembering the old Kodak.  We would use four “Double A” size batteries in that camera.  We were lucky if the batteries didn’t die before we took maybe 20 photos!  I remember when we purchased the Olympus;  when I took 40 or 50 photos and the batteries were still going on,  I was awestruck!

Yup, the Kodak camera is now sitting in the bedroom.  It is unnerving the memories that silly big old clunky camera carries with it!  The kids were so little when we bought it and I still remember many of the photos in my mind’s eye.  Ah, memories, memories! 

Now the reality.  What does one do with one silly big old clunky camera, after all?


Ugh! Yes, ugh!  That was the type of day I had!

Michelle and I scurried out to the Explorer later than usual this morning.  As I turned the key in the ignition,  I could hear the leak in the exhaust system, causing the vehicle to sound much louder than it should.  The Explorer growled and grumbled as we made our way down the driveway.  By the time we began climbing the hill,  I was sure the whole exhaust system was going to “blow” and Michelle and I would be left riding on a chassis with no doors, windows, and whatnot!

Understand that when I am late,  I begin to grow somewhat anxious.  I have a hard time settling down if I think I am going to arrive later than planned.  As we drove toward Canandaigua,  I could almost feel the tension running from my hands to the steering wheel.

Relief came soon enough.  As we drove parallel to the lake, the sky was just awesome.  Leaving the house so late afforded no time to dilly-dally,  so I shook my head as I passed up the most stellar photo ops.  As soon as I dropped Michelle at the school,  I did an about face, heading to the city pier.

morning sun on lake.small

I called Mark and he told me he could actually hear the Explorer changing gears as I climbed the hill this morning.  He advised me to take the vehicle in for an estimate.  But first,  I needed to take care of some other business.  You see,  I received a letter from the Ford Motor Company a short time ago,  advising me not to park the Explorer in a garage or anywhere that might be endangered by leaking brake fluid on another part, which causes fires! Lucky me.

I headed for the Ford garage where the service guy told me I could actually remain in the vehicle while the mechanic placed a small wire harness over the offending part.  There was no sign of leakage,  so my Explorer hadn’t been in any real danger.  The mechanic listened as I told him about my muffler noise!  He took the vehicle into the garage and hoisted it high into the air. A few minutes later,  I could hear the rumble of my wheels. The mechanic advised me to take the Explorer to a muffler place, as the Ford parts would be expensive!

I hopped on over to a muffler place where I sat approximately 45 minutes while the diagnostics were run.  I was presented with a $530 estimate.  I gulped, thanked the man, and made a hasty retreat!  Funny thing is,  I often tease Mark when he tells me he cannot tolerate certain smells.

As I sat in the customer waiting area,  my throat began to ache and burn from the thick essence of cigarette smoke.  By the time I left,  I was convinced everyone within fifty feet of me would think I resemble a smokestack.  It was horrible!

From this business,  I drove up Main Street….

north up main street.small

I stopped at another repair shop and when the tech said the solution was a $60.  fix,  both Mark and I were elated.  I sat in the lounge there for almost two more hours.

I got homeafter one and since I had thawed out a turkey breast,  I felt like we needed to make it today.  I bustled about putting together several items for dinner.  As I left very late (the kitchen clock on the stove was set wrong!) I told Ben I would call him with instructions.

Ben rubbed the turkey with butter, then salted and peppered it.  He made a big aluminum foil tent and placed the bird into the oven.  I gave him instructions to place some acorn squash in the oven with the turkey.

When Michelle and I arrived back home, I placed some green bean casserole and stuffing into the oven.  I had made a jello dish this morning,  so everything was finally done!

south down main street.small

As soon as dinner was over,  I told the family I really needed some rest. This was such a stressful day!