So Very Quiet!

After all of the busyness in our lives the past several days,  today was (dreadfully!) quiet. 

I bustled about, taking care of laundry, fixing meals, and doing things that needed to be done, but it seemed so quiet!  The farthest I went today was to the end of the driveway to the mailbox.  Ah well, so not every day can be filled with fun and excitement, right? 

I need to organize things around the house.  As I was resting for a few minutes today,  I realized there is little room between the land of plenty and the land of too much.  As I walk about the house,  I am beginning to see that we might just be romancing the land of too much.  We have so many “stored” items….things used just a few times that are now sitting in cupboards and drawers.  We still have Mark’s dad’s stuff to deal with, and he passed away nearly five years ago. 

To be perfectly honest, when I am surrounded by lots of stuff,  I begin to feel claustrophobic.  I rarely have many items of clothing as I cannot deal with large numbers of items without feeling overwhelmed.  I don’t like managing lots of stuff…it makes me weary!  Not only does it bother me,  but I feel so disgusted owning something I never use.  I realize many people have collections of items, but that would probably drive me crazy as I dislike dusting and cleaning!  I do greatly appreciate other peoples’ collections, though.

Well, enough of all that….I shall go back to my (quiet) corner and contemplate exactly *how* to deal with all the excess….