Wait a minute!

That should read dog on it.


Let me explain.  Or, better yet…..

dog on truck 2.small

Mark wanted to check for a certain vent at Home Depot this afternoon.  We pulled into the parking lot and Ben offered to run inside the store to see if the vent was even available.  Being a relatively warm day, Mark rolled the windows down.

Since Ben had been sitting in the front seat of the truck,  I was seated in the back with Murphy on my lap, reading. (okay, so *I* was reading, not the wee Scot!)  I immediately looked up, as did Angus, when we heard a mournful mix of barking and howling!  Murphy could have cared less what was happening,  but as I looked,  I immediately grabbed my camera!  I had never seen anything like this before!

dog on truck 1.small

Apparently, the owner of this dog left the cur in the back of the pickup while shopping.  The poor dog, totally disenchanted,  got on his/ her “soapbox” to air the frustration of being left behind!  In all honesty, while this whole scene was rather humorous,  I was also frustrated, as I hate seeing a pet left alone like that.  If the dog would have jumped out of the pickup,  it would have been terribly dangerous, as the parking lot was very busy and the dog would risk being run over or causing an accident.

The poor dog howled and barked on for at least another 15 minutes. 

dog on truck 3.small

The sad part is that the pickup had a backseat, where the dog could have waited (perhaps a bit less anxiously).

Today was Mark’s birthday, so we went up to Rochester after dropping Michelle at school.  We shopped around a bit and just enjoyed a rather relaxing and non-structured day!

For those of you who find my hibernation hard to imagine,  I must tell you….as soon as the sun goes down at night,  I am in “relax” mode! I really do love the short days, as I find more time to sit still!!! Hopefully, this will give me more time to blog as well!

Wah Hooooooooooooo!

Yesterday’s mild, September-like temperatures were the icing on the proverbial cake as we were off to meet my parents and brother at Sprague’s Restaurant.  It was such a beautiful day!  We were meeting to celebrate Michelle’s birthday, as well as Mark’s.  (November is a very busy birthday month here, as Carly and my mom also celebrate November birthdays later in the month!)

We arrived to meet at 11:30 in the morning and the restaurant held no shortage of patrons, even at that early on a Sunday morning!  We always ask for a certain table….it is round and sits in a corner, out of the way of mainstream traffic,  so we waited.

We enjoyed visiting with my parents and seeing their brand new car! which they never told us they got! (It was purchased in late September)  Little Fritz the Dachshund was thrilled to see us and enjoyed romping about a bit on the lush green grass.

As we waited,  Randy spotted some old cars that had parked together in a row, so we went down to have a better look at them…..

1933 dodge delivery truck.small

cool old red car.small

old grape-colored roadster.small

50's chevy.small

1964 mustang.small

one of randys favorites.small

Yes, I saved the best car for last….the one that really caught my eye…..

my favorite.small

Yes, hahaha,  I really did not save the best for last….it was the last car parked in the line!  I am not sure if it caught my eye because of the bright yellow color,  or the M&M’s  decorating the sides!

One of the fun aspects of visiting at Sparague’s,  aside from their consistantly good food,  is seeing “what’s new”!  As we pulled into the new winding drivway leading to the restaurant,  we noticed an interesting addition…..

new addition at spragues.small

The two wooden carved horses used to greet folks as they walked up the path leading to the Sugar Maples high on a hill behind the restaurant.  Now, they are pulling a plow,  with the addition of a man guiding them!  And all this on a delightful display.  We noticed  vehicles pulling up and people getting out to take a look! 

a little closer look.small

The restaurant also has a new planter which uses the same stone as that on the base of the horse display. The planter is huge,  housing several bushes,  a small fountain,  and this adorable topiary bear!

bear topiary.small

We went inside and ate and afterwards, we lingered on and on outside in the parking lot.  The warmth of this November Indian Summer day was so conducive to lingering…..we noticed there were many people also talking and walking about outside.  It was one of those days that sends a twinge of sadness as the darkness closes in and one realizes the day really is coming to a close!

We did promise to try to make it to my parents’ home for Thanksgiving and that is something to look forward to in just a couple of weeks. That took a little of the edge off he bite of ending the “perfect day”!

Before driving home,  we rode to Cuba Lake, a few miles away.  The truck was needing a fillup and Mark thought we might find cheaper gasoline at an Indian owned  station located on a nearby reservation.  Sure enough, the price was about $.17 less per gallon,  *and* there was an attendant to do the filling!

As we passed the lake, we noticed the water level was way down.  We figured they must take it down for the winter months ahead.  This tiny lake,  by the way,  is manmade.

glimpse at cuba lake.small

As you can see, the water was startlingly calm!

We arrived back home early in the evening.  Uncle Randy brought Benjamin two Lego kits to put together.  One is a fire station that is so cute!  The other is an adorable little toy shop with a Christmas theme.  I had seen that one in a Lego catalogue and thought about getting it.  I nearly fainted when Randy gave it to Ben!  (Shortlyafter arriving home at about 7,  Ben began working on the Christmas kit,  finishing it up at about 10:15!)

I am so glad yesterday was such a relaxing day, as today was wildly the opposite!  Our camper needed to be winterized,  we still need to get a “pillow” (inflatable) in the pool to finish its winterzation,  and we had firewood that needed to be stacked. 

After doing a load of laundry this morning,   I planted about 20 various flower bulbs.  Then I stacked firewood.  After that,  I climbed up on the railing of the pool and proceded to remove about 300 gallons of water and leaves….bucket by bucket!  We didn’t get the pillow inserted under the winter pool cover,  but we did winterize the camper and I am so happy to have that done.  Most all of our fall tasks are now complete……let the hibernation begin soon!

Words of Wisdom from the Sole Survivor!

This morning, while chatting with my mom on the phone,  she asked how I managed to keep from getting the bug that troubled our family.  She probably remembers when I was younger,  I caught every cough and cold that came along along.  If I was in a room and someone coughed,  I would end up with a cold!

Well,  I guess there are two three things I have been doing.  The first involves handwashing.  Handwashing to the point that it seems miraculous I have skin left on my poor hands!  Secondly,  instead of using toothpaste,  I have been brushing my teeth with Listerine!  Yes, I used that horrific mouthwash to brush my teeth while everyone was sick.  I would pour some into the cap, then dip my toothbrush in….and no,  no one else uses the bottle I use, so no spreading germs there!

The third and last thing I did to ward off the invasion of the bug was,  I drank this on a regular basis….

homemade cough medicine.small

Yeah, that is a Scottie Dog shot glass.  Although I personally don’t drink anything stronger than Pepsi,  I did buy that cute little shot glass because,  well, I will let you guess. <smile!>

So, what is in the glass?

I talked about this concoction last year.  It is a recipe we found on the Internet.

1/4 teaspoon Cayenne Pepper

1/4 teaspoon Ground Ginger

1 Tablespoon Honey

1 Tablespoon Apple Cider Vinegar

2 Tablespoons  Water

Now, the person offering the recipe was a Registered Nurse,  saying this stuff “tastes terrible” but that it really works for calming a cough  or helping a sore throat.  She suggested a teaspoon taken at a time.  Haha!  The shot glass was one recipe, and I drank the entire thing down!  It really is hot and spicy but Ben said it has the basic components for a good barbeque sauce.  By golly, the kid was correct and as I chugged it down,  each serving seemed tastier than the one before!

Now, if you wonder if I have lost all my senses, so be it.  But remember,  I was the “sole survivor”!

While I was photographing the cute little shot glass,  I saw Michelle’s pretty red roses and took a closeup of one flower.  Iwas rather well-pleased with the photo…….


And,  speaking of Michelle…..that child!  Look at THIS shot.

pitiful murphy.small

She called me into her room to see poor little Murph,  head slung almost to the bedding,  wearing Michelle’s new hat.  She insists he looks “so cute” in it.  But, the new slippers?  That is quite the improvement over the little baby slippers she used to make him wear……

Talk About Fickle Weather!

Today,  one would not want to wear anything less than a warm winter coat.  It is just that cold!  Today’s high, we are told, will be in the upper thirties.  Tomorrow?  High 50’s.  (On the Celsius scale, today would be about 3 and tomorrow, 11.)  After that, a few more days of warm weather are likely!  We call a warmup in November “Indian Summer”.

Yesterday,  I took a few photos from the upstairs bedroom window.  The first shows after we had a snowfall in the afternoon.  There were large, wet snowflakes falling and it became so dark outside!  Then, a hazy sun that couldn’t quite beat down through the clouds appeared,  and the wet trees shone like crystal!

after the first bout of snow.small

A while later, the skies became darkened once again, and the largest snowflakes I have even seen came tumbling down!  They looked so “fake”!

huge snowflakes falling.small

You can see them “tracing” through the air.  I decided perhaps if I forced the flash, they might show up better…..

huge snowflakes with flash.small

On and off throughout the day, we experienced the “mood swings” of weather! By sunset…..ahhhhhhhhhhhh!

as the sun set.small

Happy Birthday, Michelle!

miniature red rose bouquet.small

Today is Michelle’s birthday.  I think she had a good one! She returned to her college classes for the first time since last Thursday.   She had requested a chicken dish for dinner,  and shortly after eating, she headed upstairs and fell sound asleep! I think she is still recovering from her bout with the “bug”.

One of the gifts we got Michelle for her birthday was a pair of the most wonderfully luxurious slippers….they are made with sheepskin.  I went in  her room to check on her and smiled as I looked at her feet…

asleep with slippers on her feet.small

I think we picked a good gift, eh?

Grave Attractions

I had been wanting to go back to the Woodlawn Cemetery in Canandaigua for awhile,  as I have never seen such a beautiful cemetery!  It is located on a side street,  back off the road.  The topography is wonderful, with some gently rolling areas that are just stunning in the Autumn!

This cemetery is old and there are many Canandaigua “notables” interred there.  It looks as though there is still room left for many, many more people,  but my favorite part involves driving back and up an incline to the oldest section.  This is where some of the most awesome statuary is located! 

celtic cross grave marker.small

This Celtic Cross isn’t in the old section, but it really is old!  I was going to convert the photo to sepia because I thought it would lend itself quite well, but I love he colors surrounding this marker!

The rest of the markers are located in the old section of the cemetery. I noticed that families would have an elaborate marker for the entire family,  with small stones, often bearing only the initials of the person buried within close proximity of the large marker.  Some of the stones are just beautiful works of art.

such an elaborate stone.small

I love this one with the angel.

an angel to watch over,small

Standing amid the markers, some of them looked like chess pieces for a (bigger than) life-size game!

some markers remind me of chess pieces.small

This  marker caught my eye.  It says “Little Max”….

little max grave marker.small

And I will leave you with yet another Celtic Cross. 

another beautiful celtic cross grave marker.small

When my father-in-law passed away nearly six years ago, we were told the cemetery only allows flat stones.  I guess that is because they are easier to maintain and they can actually mow the grass right over them. 

I got to thinking,  I wonder if  all the beautiful statues in the cemetery were for wealthy families, or did people actually spend a great deal of money to commemorate their departed loved ones?

You Take the High Road….

I have lived in the Bristolwood for seventeen years.  I know this because we moved here two weeks before Michelle was born.

Although Naples is located closer, we have always chosen to run to Canandaigua to shop.  It is much bigger and the variety of stores makes shopping quite easy.  We have passed down Main Street in Canandaigua probably hundreds if not thousands of times.

If you have read here for any length of time, you just know that I am very curious and always on the lookout for a photo op.  So, Dear Reader,  how on earth did I miss out on this?

you take the high road and ill take the low road.small

Yes, right off Main Street in Canandaigua, one finds Scotland Road!  And it is a stone’s throw from downtown!

I just had to include this, as I have a couple…few….readers in Scotland! 

Oh, and for the record….Scotland Road is not a large street.  I purposely turned down it the other day, only to find it is a dead end!

With No Continuity Whatsoever….

Here are some photos from today. And a couple from before today!

Ben requested I wash some laundry for him today, and since I am trying to give our poor well a little recovery time, I ended up going to Canadaigua to do his (three) loads.  I was washing all of his bedding, including two pillows. 

I was going to take a picture of my two friends before I left home, but forgot!  I had to stop at WalMart to buy some laundry detergent,  so when I came out,  I was happy to see my “friends” waiting for me!  Actually, before I drove the truck today,  I used some of the Lysol Disinfecting Wipes to clean the steering wheel,  shifter, radio, seatbelt, and anything else Mark might have handled in the truck!  Yes, call it “Howard Hughes Syndrome”,  but please note,  I am the sole survivor of the “bug” that took down my family!

two of my friends.small

The next two photos were taken a few days ago.  I had stopped at a hamburger joint to pick up a couple burgers for Michelle and when I stepped out of the vehicle,  the noise was incredible! (not nearly as deafening as Canada Geese, however!)

party line.small

You might want to click the photo above to see all the birds!  They spanned the utility lines for three or four poles!

party line zoomed in.small

As I passed through Cheshire,  I just had to stop and take a photo of the most impressive of all the TP’ed trees.  Were I on a committee to hand out awards, this tree would take the prize!

the TP tree.small

The last photo is my favorite of the day.  I just love the color of the cornstalks against the foreboding sky.  And if you click on the photo,  you can actually see the yellow corn peeking out from some of the husks!