Happy, Happy Birthday, Mom!

Today we went on a little unexpected day trip!

The phone rang shortly after 10:30…it was my mother. 

Today’s my birthday. Do you want to meet at Sprague’s?

Of course!

And so we were out the door and on our way!  The temperature was nearly balmy considering the time of year it is.  I remember so many snowy and blowy Thanksgiving Days in the past. Warm sunshine and breezes are a sharp contrast to driving rain and snow along with bitter blustery weather!

We arrived and I was happy to see a thermometer hung outside the restaurant….

a totally warm november day.small

(nice thermometer, providing an easy read in both Fahrenheit and Celsius)

We waited for a few minutes for a large corner table that we always like.  Soon we were seated and our orders were taken.  As we sat waiting for our food,  the “Sprague’s Moose” who makes some appearances from time to time entertained customers as they ate.  The moose disappeared,  then reappeared outside the restaurant, dancing about, much to the delight of the tots eating at the tables inside….

spagues moose 1.small

spragues moose 2.small

spragues moose 3.small

The food was as terrific as always.  This restaurant never fails to amaze us, as the food is consistantly consistant!  No matter what one chooses, the food is good!

Our waitress was absolutely phenomenal….she served us with more than a smile! She was so attentive and offered a song when I discreetly confided today was my mom’s birthday!  As we were eating,  the waitresses and waiter came over, offering a round of “Happy Birthday to You”!

spragues crew sings happy birthday to mom.small

We brought along a cheesecake for dessert, as that is one of Mom’s favorite desserts.  Our waitress not only brought small dessert plates, napkins, and clean forks,  but a candle for Mom’s piece of cake!

moms cheesecake,small

After finishing our meal,  Ben called to me to go over and “see the birds”.  The restaurant has three large birds in a big cage and they were quite interesting. Two of the birds seemed to be involved in an exceedingly intimate discussion…..

an intimate conversation.small

while the third looked like he was flossing his beak!

innocent bystander flosses his beak.small

I snapped a photo of the pretty gift shop as we were leaving….

spragues pretty gift shop window.small

This gift shop is so cozy, offering not only a vast array of maple products (made there) but all sorts of lovely little gift items as well!

After leaving,  I had to take a little jog (literally!) down near the road to photograph the bear family that graces the lawn….

pilgrim bear family plus one.small

Aw, look at little Murphy sitting with the bears!

bear family plus three.small

and Michelle and Ben hung out with the Pilgrims and Indians as well!

As we hopped into the truck to head on home,  I took a shot of the beautiful sky and Enchanted Mountains…..

spectacular skies over the enchanted mountains.small

What a lovely day this was and I am so fortunate to have such a wonderful Mom to celebrate her special day with!  Happy Birthday again, Mom!  Thanks for such a fun day!

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  1. Haven’t seen your parents, or Randy, in a long time. Wish your Mom a very Happy Birthday from Cy and me.

  2. Happy birthday wishes from over here as well.

    Serving staff can really enhance eating out, can’t they. Especially when they go the extra mile.

    We’re down in the low tens for now, but at least it’s stopped raining for a bit.

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