Yay, we Survived!

After going to bed at about 11pm last night,  I was up and awakening the family  at 3:30 this morning.  I must admit it was a little rough getting myself going on so few hours of sleep,  but the stores were opening early at the mall, beginning at 4 am.  I actually overslept,  as we were supposed to get up at 2:30.  I just could not reconcile myself to so little sleep….that one hour more would surely be much better!

We got to the mall shortly after 4:30 and Michelle honed in on the stores, armed with her shopping list. The shopping itself was a breeze, but waiting in lines was another story.  Most people seemed to be rather jolly, sharing their reports of their earlier acquistitions.  And many people even arrived to shop wearing pajamas!

We moved around a little from store to store, and by the time we were ready to leave the mall, the parking lot looked like a patchwork ocean of vehicles! There were so many vehicles, in fact, it would have been problematic trying to find a parking space!

Michelle wanted to shop at Target, but when we saw the lines snaking around to the back of the store, across the width, and back up toward the front,  we decided no sale was worth that much waiting!

We finished up our little expedition, then went to have a little bite of breakfast.  It felt like it should have been late morning after all the shopping, but it was only about 9:00! We moved on out and shopped a little more, then headed home, arriving after noon.  The kids scurried to clean the house up as they had invited their friends over for the evening.

It was another busy day and I will be so relaxing just as soon as my body hits the mattress!

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  1. I swear I think I saw you guys!! I was waiting in a HUGE, long line in Staples…and thought you two looked familiar, but with all of the people, I didn’t want to just scream across the store!! We were in that l o n g Target line!! Successful trip though!! YAY!!

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