A Lovely Visit to my Hometown

Our Thanksgiving Day was just awesome!  We got up at about 5 am to get ready to go to visit my parents and Randy, and my older brother, Bob.   We were out the door shortly after 7, and arrived at about 10:30 at my parents’ home. 

We spent the day relaxing,  watching some television (gasp! I never do that!)  and visiting. 

We ate at about 1 and let me tell you, the food was fantastic!  There was turkey, roast beef, and even chicken!  We had tasty cranberry/ jello dish, rolls,  salad, and sweet potatoes, and stuffing.  And speaking of stuffing,  we all stuffed ourselves!  My compliments to the cook….Mom, everything was beyond awesome!

Yes, I took the new camera with me, but we got so busy with all that was going on,  I barely took it out! 

However, there was one little fellow who provided so much entertainment, I found myself laughing over and over!

Fritz examining my camera bag.small

As soon as I placed the camera bag on the couch, little Fritzmeister began diving in with his long nose.  I have no idea why he was so attracted to the bag,  other than perhaps he smelled “Scottie scents”!

As soon as I rested on the couch, I was pounced upon by Fritz, receiving a rather ambitious cleaning! Fritz loves “kissing”, and he really likes me!  However,  I was not the lone victim!

fritz cleans michelle.small

I know…I should have photographed all the people…the food….the essence of the day.  However, I just plumb didn’t do it. 

As we left to come home,  I asked Mark to drive through downtown because I wanted to see if there were pretty Christmas decorations.  I love the decor they chose….

pretty christmas decor downtown.small

Well, not much in the form of photos, but we all had such a satisfying day!  We were home again at about 8 this evening.

My mother showed us an article in the local newspaper that announced the official Christmas shopping season has now begun.  Tomorrow is Black Friday.  That means crazed, glassy-eyed shoppers arriving at stores in the middle of the night,  hoping to score big savings on Christmas gifts for themselves and others.  Sorrowfully, I must say, I shall indeed be counted amongst those numbers.  Yup, Miss Michelle has gleaned all the sales flyers,  making her list and well, in a few short hours,  we will be out “there”.  Ah, nothing like a teenage shopping diva in the house!

Wish me luck.  I’m sure I shall be needing it!

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  1. Jeff went to drop me off at work tonight and there was a line in front of our store leading all the way over to Toys-R-Us. Management was trying to get them to move the line b/c they were blocking the employee door for our store! I would NEVER wait in a line that long for ANY toy! Craziness for sure. Oh, I am home again b/c they are waxing in front of the bakery! Nice, huh?
    Love the pics of Fritzy; he is sooo cute!

  2. Kyle and I braved the crowds(?) at our local Kohl’s, but not until after 1pm today. There really weren’t many shoppers, and we got some good bargains in the Men’s Dept. , the only area we checked. He’ll be dressed in style for awhile!

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