Almost Springtime!

As I was walking through the store the other day,  I could have sworn I heard birds chirping above my head.  I stopped and listened….sure enough,  the singing was awesome and so happy-sounding!  I know that a lot of home improvement centers get the birds in because they have their doors open for long periods of time sometimes.  But this was rather unexpected on a November morning. 

I raised my eyes up to the top of the store and was so surprised….

birdhouse in store.small

The house reminds me a great deal of a bluebird house.  Now, I’m not sure if the house was installed to accommodate birds who happen along, but this is a rather unusual sight!  I didn’t even think to look around to see if there were more houses installed throughout the store! Oh, and the yellow blur on the left side of the photo is actually a mustard container sitting on the shelving!

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