So….Have Ya Missed Me?

Well, probably not.  That’s okay.  Life has just been so busy lately.  It seems like I am in constant motion and getting very little done.  Forget about my hibernation theory,  cause I am sure it just isn’t gonna happen.  Not any time soon!

Michelle wanted to have a birthday party,  but she wanted to do it when all of her friends would be able to make it.  She decided on a Sunday afternoon and tomorrow is the day.  She chose to keep it small, and have a dinner party.  The fare for the party will be my version of spinoccoli;  that was Michelle’s personal request.   We worked this morning, making up some 20 servings.  Now, all I need to make tomorrow is the alfredo sauce, which is easy enough. 

The past couple of days have been spent running around….trying to get some loose ends sewn up.

This afternoon, we went out to Victor…I had three stops and Mark had a return to Home Depot.  WOW!  All of the stores are located near the mall and to anyone observing, it looked as though the Christmas shopping season has officially begun!  The parking lot was wall-to-wall vehicles and Mark had to drop me off and cruise around the lot! If it is this bad now,  I cannot imagine  the weekends until Christmas!

My camera has been gathering dust lately.  Both cameras, actually!  Responsibilities keep calling out my name!  Which leads me to believe….perhaps I shall CHANGE my name!!!!  Bah HUMBUG!

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  1. So while you were up in Victor…I actually did a little hibernating here in Cdga…well, kind of. I did a little bit of Mom’s taxi service, but overall, a relaxing day.

  2. I hear you about the busy part! And yes….I do believe the weekends will be NUTS between now and Christmas. I spent several holidays working at Bath & Body Works and it was beyond hectic!! Most of my shopping these days is done online…I hope your daughter enjoyed her birthday party.

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