A Brief Ride through Amish/ Mennonite Country

This afternoon, while Michelle attended her fencing class,  Mark, Ben, and I rode into Amish/ Mennonite country, located only a few short miles from the college.  In total honesty,  entering this area is almost like traveling to a foreign country.  Here one can see hard-working people who are obviously richly-blessed of God!

I shan’t waste words; the photos speak for themselves.  If you hover over the photo, a brief description will appear.

scene outside amish-mennonite school.small


corn cribs 1.small

tractor with metal tires.small

corn inside shed.small

another corn crib.small

young lad hauling plastic jugs.small

awesome farm with orchard.small

some type of amsih-mennonite meetinghouse.small

water supply outside building.small

accommodations for many many horses and buggies.small

amish-mennonite schoolhouse.small

look at the views.small

beautiful mule.small

mules live in beautiful barn,small

I am so thankful for America, great melting pot where diversity lives freely!

Morning Reflection from Woodville

Lucky me! This morning, bright and early, I got to go to the dentist’s office to discover how many zillions of dollars it will cost to fix my teeth!  Yeah, not a very exciting proposition….

Nonetheless,  I did head out with the Panasonic in my Explorer “just in cae”.

Since I left the house a few minutes early, I was able to stop at Woodville just in time to see the sun coming up over Bare Hill.

morning reflectiion at woodville.small

I thought it rather amazing I was able to do the sunset last evening in Canandaigua at the lake and the sunrise his morning from Woodville, at the complete opposite end of the lake!

Oh yeah,  the dental visit wasn’t *too* bad.  I did find out I have a problem grinding my teeth. That was news to me, but the dentist explained it might be done at night while I am sleeping….too bad I never remember my dreams, eh?