Evening Reflections from the Pier

This morning when I drove Michelle to school,   I was awestruck by the magnificent  golden sunshine flowing down to earth…it was cold enough for frost,  but the skies were brilliant blue….

The day continued on as it started with clear skies and an orb that sent rays of gold,  even though the temperature stayed chilly.  It was pretty much an outstanding day,  particularly since the calendar says November.   And not even the begining of November, at that!  This weather has left much room for conversation by the locals…the general consensus  is that we may be enjoying this weather now, but sooner or later,  we are “gonna pay”!   Pay or not,  I haven’t heard any grumbling about the weather! 

By the time I headed out to pick Michelle up from school,  the sun was getting low in the sky and I had a few minutes to spare, so I jumped at the chance to take some sunset reflections……

sunset on the pier 1.small

sunset on the pier 2.small

sunset from the pier 3.small

sunset on the pier 4.small

sunset on the pier 5.small

sunset on the pier 6.small

Does Anyone Know Where Yesterday Went?

and if you find it, would you let me know?

geese near winton plaza.small

We had to run to Rochester in the early afternoon to shop for various things.  We needed to pick up a new vent for the downstairs bathroom,  some new parts for the pool pump, and some items for a party Michelle is having on Sunday.  Even though the list didn’t seem that long,  the stores were located miles apart and we seemed to be rushing all about! The day just evaporated right before our very eyes….

(The photo of the geese above was taken outside of the pool store. Michelle thought they were lawn ornaments until they began moving!)