Splish Splash!

A couple of Sundays ago,  while my family was feeling pretty awful,  I went out on a Sunday to get some things they asked for….it was the least I could do!   This was the day that I discovered Scotland Road in Canandaigua.  After I had driven down that particular street,  I then decided to take another side street I hadn’t traveled before. (A small exploration,  if you will!)

I am kind of a scary driver to be with,  I suppose,  as I tend to look around as I drive.  I often pull over on the side of the road to take pictures and even though I am a good driver,  I might look a bit distracted!  Anyway,  I drove along the little side street when I came upon this…..

why is there a firetruck parked on the streetsmall

A firetruck parked (nonchalantly?) in the street.  There were no sirens, no flashing lights.  Just a firetruck sitting in the street.   Curiosity certainly made me wonder….I slowed down to a crawl and passed the big red truck,  wondering all the while.   Since no one was behind me, I pulled over a little past the truck and looked back.  I then discovered why the firetruck was parked there!

I didn’t feel inclined to turn around and go back,  so I merely aimed the camera at my rear view mirror……

rear view mirror explains it.small

I haven’t seen an open hydrant since I left New York City!  I remember the city kids would somehow manage to open the valves and send what seemed like millions of gallons of water gushing all over the streets of Brooklyn!

I do believe this fireman was “flushing the mains”.  I remember when I was growing up in a small city,  this was done a couple of times a year,  causing the water that came out of the tap to be “riled”…..gross-looking “dirty” water!  I had always assumed this was a public utilities job,  and I was a bit surprised to see a fireman doing this!