Wait a minute!

That should read dog on it.


Let me explain.  Or, better yet…..

dog on truck 2.small

Mark wanted to check for a certain vent at Home Depot this afternoon.  We pulled into the parking lot and Ben offered to run inside the store to see if the vent was even available.  Being a relatively warm day, Mark rolled the windows down.

Since Ben had been sitting in the front seat of the truck,  I was seated in the back with Murphy on my lap, reading. (okay, so *I* was reading, not the wee Scot!)  I immediately looked up, as did Angus, when we heard a mournful mix of barking and howling!  Murphy could have cared less what was happening,  but as I looked,  I immediately grabbed my camera!  I had never seen anything like this before!

dog on truck 1.small

Apparently, the owner of this dog left the cur in the back of the pickup while shopping.  The poor dog, totally disenchanted,  got on his/ her “soapbox” to air the frustration of being left behind!  In all honesty, while this whole scene was rather humorous,  I was also frustrated, as I hate seeing a pet left alone like that.  If the dog would have jumped out of the pickup,  it would have been terribly dangerous, as the parking lot was very busy and the dog would risk being run over or causing an accident.

The poor dog howled and barked on for at least another 15 minutes. 

dog on truck 3.small

The sad part is that the pickup had a backseat, where the dog could have waited (perhaps a bit less anxiously).

Today was Mark’s birthday, so we went up to Rochester after dropping Michelle at school.  We shopped around a bit and just enjoyed a rather relaxing and non-structured day!

For those of you who find my hibernation hard to imagine,  I must tell you….as soon as the sun goes down at night,  I am in “relax” mode! I really do love the short days, as I find more time to sit still!!! Hopefully, this will give me more time to blog as well!