Words of Wisdom from the Sole Survivor!

This morning, while chatting with my mom on the phone,  she asked how I managed to keep from getting the bug that troubled our family.  She probably remembers when I was younger,  I caught every cough and cold that came along along.  If I was in a room and someone coughed,  I would end up with a cold!

Well,  I guess there are two three things I have been doing.  The first involves handwashing.  Handwashing to the point that it seems miraculous I have skin left on my poor hands!  Secondly,  instead of using toothpaste,  I have been brushing my teeth with Listerine!  Yes, I used that horrific mouthwash to brush my teeth while everyone was sick.  I would pour some into the cap, then dip my toothbrush in….and no,  no one else uses the bottle I use, so no spreading germs there!

The third and last thing I did to ward off the invasion of the bug was,  I drank this on a regular basis….

homemade cough medicine.small

Yeah, that is a Scottie Dog shot glass.  Although I personally don’t drink anything stronger than Pepsi,  I did buy that cute little shot glass because,  well, I will let you guess. <smile!>

So, what is in the glass?

I talked about this concoction last year.  It is a recipe we found on the Internet.

1/4 teaspoon Cayenne Pepper

1/4 teaspoon Ground Ginger

1 Tablespoon Honey

1 Tablespoon Apple Cider Vinegar

2 Tablespoons  Water

Now, the person offering the recipe was a Registered Nurse,  saying this stuff “tastes terrible” but that it really works for calming a cough  or helping a sore throat.  She suggested a teaspoon taken at a time.  Haha!  The shot glass was one recipe, and I drank the entire thing down!  It really is hot and spicy but Ben said it has the basic components for a good barbeque sauce.  By golly, the kid was correct and as I chugged it down,  each serving seemed tastier than the one before!

Now, if you wonder if I have lost all my senses, so be it.  But remember,  I was the “sole survivor”!

While I was photographing the cute little shot glass,  I saw Michelle’s pretty red roses and took a closeup of one flower.  Iwas rather well-pleased with the photo…….


And,  speaking of Michelle…..that child!  Look at THIS shot.

pitiful murphy.small

She called me into her room to see poor little Murph,  head slung almost to the bedding,  wearing Michelle’s new hat.  She insists he looks “so cute” in it.  But, the new slippers?  That is quite the improvement over the little baby slippers she used to make him wear……