Talk About Fickle Weather!

Today,  one would not want to wear anything less than a warm winter coat.  It is just that cold!  Today’s high, we are told, will be in the upper thirties.  Tomorrow?  High 50’s.  (On the Celsius scale, today would be about 3 and tomorrow, 11.)  After that, a few more days of warm weather are likely!  We call a warmup in November “Indian Summer”.

Yesterday,  I took a few photos from the upstairs bedroom window.  The first shows after we had a snowfall in the afternoon.  There were large, wet snowflakes falling and it became so dark outside!  Then, a hazy sun that couldn’t quite beat down through the clouds appeared,  and the wet trees shone like crystal!

after the first bout of snow.small

A while later, the skies became darkened once again, and the largest snowflakes I have even seen came tumbling down!  They looked so “fake”!

huge snowflakes falling.small

You can see them “tracing” through the air.  I decided perhaps if I forced the flash, they might show up better…..

huge snowflakes with flash.small

On and off throughout the day, we experienced the “mood swings” of weather! By sunset…..ahhhhhhhhhhhh!

as the sun set.small