Grave Attractions

I had been wanting to go back to the Woodlawn Cemetery in Canandaigua for awhile,  as I have never seen such a beautiful cemetery!  It is located on a side street,  back off the road.  The topography is wonderful, with some gently rolling areas that are just stunning in the Autumn!

This cemetery is old and there are many Canandaigua “notables” interred there.  It looks as though there is still room left for many, many more people,  but my favorite part involves driving back and up an incline to the oldest section.  This is where some of the most awesome statuary is located! 

celtic cross grave marker.small

This Celtic Cross isn’t in the old section, but it really is old!  I was going to convert the photo to sepia because I thought it would lend itself quite well, but I love he colors surrounding this marker!

The rest of the markers are located in the old section of the cemetery. I noticed that families would have an elaborate marker for the entire family,  with small stones, often bearing only the initials of the person buried within close proximity of the large marker.  Some of the stones are just beautiful works of art.

such an elaborate stone.small

I love this one with the angel.

an angel to watch over,small

Standing amid the markers, some of them looked like chess pieces for a (bigger than) life-size game!

some markers remind me of chess pieces.small

This  marker caught my eye.  It says “Little Max”….

little max grave marker.small

And I will leave you with yet another Celtic Cross. 

another beautiful celtic cross grave marker.small

When my father-in-law passed away nearly six years ago, we were told the cemetery only allows flat stones.  I guess that is because they are easier to maintain and they can actually mow the grass right over them. 

I got to thinking,  I wonder if  all the beautiful statues in the cemetery were for wealthy families, or did people actually spend a great deal of money to commemorate their departed loved ones?

You Take the High Road….

I have lived in the Bristolwood for seventeen years.  I know this because we moved here two weeks before Michelle was born.

Although Naples is located closer, we have always chosen to run to Canandaigua to shop.  It is much bigger and the variety of stores makes shopping quite easy.  We have passed down Main Street in Canandaigua probably hundreds if not thousands of times.

If you have read here for any length of time, you just know that I am very curious and always on the lookout for a photo op.  So, Dear Reader,  how on earth did I miss out on this?

you take the high road and ill take the low road.small

Yes, right off Main Street in Canandaigua, one finds Scotland Road!  And it is a stone’s throw from downtown!

I just had to include this, as I have a couple…few….readers in Scotland! 

Oh, and for the record….Scotland Road is not a large street.  I purposely turned down it the other day, only to find it is a dead end!