With No Continuity Whatsoever….

Here are some photos from today. And a couple from before today!

Ben requested I wash some laundry for him today, and since I am trying to give our poor well a little recovery time, I ended up going to Canadaigua to do his (three) loads.  I was washing all of his bedding, including two pillows. 

I was going to take a picture of my two friends before I left home, but forgot!  I had to stop at WalMart to buy some laundry detergent,  so when I came out,  I was happy to see my “friends” waiting for me!  Actually, before I drove the truck today,  I used some of the Lysol Disinfecting Wipes to clean the steering wheel,  shifter, radio, seatbelt, and anything else Mark might have handled in the truck!  Yes, call it “Howard Hughes Syndrome”,  but please note,  I am the sole survivor of the “bug” that took down my family!

two of my friends.small

The next two photos were taken a few days ago.  I had stopped at a hamburger joint to pick up a couple burgers for Michelle and when I stepped out of the vehicle,  the noise was incredible! (not nearly as deafening as Canada Geese, however!)

party line.small

You might want to click the photo above to see all the birds!  They spanned the utility lines for three or four poles!

party line zoomed in.small

As I passed through Cheshire,  I just had to stop and take a photo of the most impressive of all the TP’ed trees.  Were I on a committee to hand out awards, this tree would take the prize!

the TP tree.small

The last photo is my favorite of the day.  I just love the color of the cornstalks against the foreboding sky.  And if you click on the photo,  you can actually see the yellow corn peeking out from some of the husks!


Walkabout Naples

Since the *bug* has made its entrance into our home, sweet home,  I have found myself inundated in laundry.  This bug doesn’t cause any of the “messy” elements associated with stomach flu,  but it seems Mark and the kids have a hard time regulating their temperature.  Thus,  numerous showers, baths, and laundry.  After all, who wants to lie down in bed after a sweating session during the night?

I have managed to do about 12 loads of laundry over the past three days….yes, an average of 4 loads a day!  That’s a lotta laundry.  So much so,  our poor well cried “No more!” yesterday afternoon!  I was forced to load the laundry basket,  detergent, and fabric softener into the Explorer and make a quick run to Naples. 

 I felt no need to hang out at the laundromat!  I stuffed the bedding and clothing into the washers,  stuffed quarters into the slots, then hastened to leave said establishment!  I had a total of twenty-nine minutes, according to the timer on the washing machine.  There was no need to dry the goods there, as my dryer at home would be fine.

Thankfully,  I did indeed have my wee Panasonic camera with me.  This was late afternoon and the sun was casting that delicious golden hue on everything that just makes me want to photograph everything!!!

I did stop along County Road 12 to take a photo in the same lcation I took one a couple of weeks ago. 

on my way to naples.small

As you can see, many of the beautiful leaves are now gone and the land is looking somewhat barren.

And here begins my Naples walk…

walking about naples.small

Yes, it is that time of the year when I begin wearing my red plaid clothing! 

just because.small

my what a large tree.small

one of naples famous purple hydrants.small

trinity federated church.small

western sunlight on red front doors.small

naples first baptist church.small

These photos were all taken right along Main Street.  The next one,  I was a little reluctant to snap, as I am not quite sure how I would feel if I looked out the window and saw someone taking a photo towards my home.  I opted not to take the photo as I walked past,  but as I walked back toward the laundromat,  a sudden “courageous”  side of me took over!  It was only after I took the photo that I noticed a realtor’s sign offering the house for sale.  Hurrah! No one would mind their home that is for sale being photographed!

red berries on tree.small

And finally, I was back to the laundromat.

one main street behind grocery store.small

This is an interesting spot in the wee village!  The parking lot you see in the foreground is for a small grocery store located to the left.  The laundromat basically sits at the rear of the grocery store parking lot.  Behind that,  there is a small trailer court.  Not sure how many homes are located there,  but it sure is convenient for the laundromat and grocery store!! There  is another street behind the court, running perpendicular to the trailer court,  with the beuatiful hill behind.  As you can see, it is the mighty oak trees that are still clothed in shades of reds and golds!