Portraits of my Murphy…

If ever you have had a little “heart” dog that just seemed to steal yours away,  you will understand my little Murphy.  He is the little fellow who depends solely upon me and wants my company.  He is, however,  a Scottie, through and through, meaning he will come and snuggle against me on his terms and in his good time!  Scotties are not known for their affectionate behavior….au contraire!  When called, do not be alarmed to see a Scottie look at his or her owner, then turn in the opposite direction!

Murphy came and jumped up on one of the dining room chairs someone left out, so I grabbed the camera and took a few photos of th dear laddie.  I ususally do not photograph the Scotties often, as it is so very difficult to capture their features! (black dogs are *hard* to photograph!!!)

murphy wonders where the leftovers are.small

murph says he will wait for dinner.small

and wait some more.small

watching leaves skitter on the back deck.small

None of those photos was staged.  I just hung out with the wee laddie and waited until he posed himself  “just so”.

Later that evening,  Michelle brought Murphy in and placed him on the bed next to me.  Poor little fellow.  She recently purchased a warm winter hat.  Apparently, she insists Murphy looks very handsome in it….

murphy the patient scottie.small

Can you see the *joy* displayed on his face?

Halloween Aftermath!

the night after halloween in cheshire.small

I featured a Halloween night in Cheshire on this blog before….The people of this tiny town resign themselves to the fact that any tree, bush….whatever, they own *will* indeed be decorated with toilet paper on this night!

It is always interesting passing through Cheshire afterwards, as there are large wads of toilet paper all over the road and it stretches out quite a way past the town’s limits!