Call me what you want….I have been “caged” too long with not one, nor two, but now three sick human beings!

Yes, last night, Mark announced he was not feeling well at all.  Then, this morning,  Ben got up and asked me how I felt.  When I said, fine, he basically told me to run like the wind and don’t look back!  Yes,  he is now coughing, along with Michelle and Mark. Glory!

As soon as my wifely,motherly tasks were completed,  I decided to take my sage son’s advice!  Out the door I went with a small shopping list in hand.

I stopped at numerous places, snapping pictures and just trying to enjoy myself!  (Hard to do when *instincts* tell you you have left behind a brood of sickly family!)

Maybe that is why, as I was driving down 5&20 this afternoon,  I suddenly swerved over to a side road and parked in an empty parking lot……

many canada geese.small

Egads, these things were thick!  They were so nicely resting there, but since no one was around…..

I moved in closer on ‘em and I could sense the anxiety building in the group!

getting a little too close.small

Yes, they were *all* marching in the same direction!  And, of course, I ***knew*** what was next……

a riot of geese.small

I used the Panasonic camera to take a short movie and you can certainly hear the hulabaloo I caused, but the movie is 7.2 M  and the WordPress movie upload advises it will only accept 2 M.   When Mark is feeling better, perhaps he can show me how to compress/edit the file.

In the meantime, just call me rabblerouser!!!!