Feeling Weary and Dreary!

I hate the thought that how I feel has anything to do with the weather outside,  but rainy and chilly weather today has left me (and my heart) feeling somewhat cold and discouraged. 

It all began Thursday evening when the kids had a couple of their friends over for dinner and some games.  Michelle, who is always quite the hostess,  spent time resting on the couch….not such a good sign.  By the time the kids left,  she headed straight upstairs, not even saying good night.  Really not a good sign.

On Friday morning,  she complained that her throat felt as though it was swollen and she could not talk….only squeak! I never took her temperature,  only using my wrist,  but any fever she might have had was very low.  This morning when I talked to her, she said her stomach was somewhat messed up,  so Mark decided to call the doctor’s office.

We were advised to call a Triage nurse service, which Mark did.  He was told a nurse would call back within half an hour.  We waited and Mark looked up information online to see if there was anything we might do to help Michelle.  The nurse who called back  (within half an hour!)  said this form of “bug” has been making its rounds for the past few weeks and she should be feeling better within a day or two.

The nurse gave us several pieces of information and then I headed to our small “local” market  to pick up some yogurt and bananas for Miss Michelle.  When I came home, she ate about half a yogurt and a banana.  Signs of improvement!

Our kids are generally so healthy, it is hard seeing one of them being sick!

Mark and Ben ran to Rochester to do some merchandise returns.  I would like to have gone,  but I would never leave Michelle alone when feeling sick.  Shortly after Mark left,  the mailman brought a package and left it on the mailbox.  I knew it was for Mark so I trudged down to the mailbox just as the heavens let loose and the rain came down in a total cloudburst! 

Michelle is beginning to show some real signs of improvement!  Yesterday, she got a brand new laptop for a graduation present from Mark and me. (The reason it was given so late is because we wanted to get her a model with the new Windows 7 operating system.) My heart was feeling so torn as I saw the unopened box just sitting on the floor.  Before Mark left,  she came downstairs and opened her new computer.  Just a short time ago, she actually went downstairs and brought her shiny new computer to her room!

In today’s mail was an Oriental Trading Company catalogue.  We haven’t ordered from them in years!  I opened the pages and began leafing through….Oh, the memories that flooded my soul as I saw all the cute little items that Michelle and Ben ordered for their birthdays a few years ago.  This, of course, caused me to reminisce and come face to face with the fact that our kids are no longer “little kids”,  but teens, with many thoughts and ideas of their own.  Bittersweet.  But, they are good kids,  and for that,  I am so very grateful!

Ah, all this thinking made me realize the past is behind us, and we look ahead to the future with great anticipation.  I was so thankful for the nurse’s assesstment that Michelle should be feeling much better tomorrow.  I am thankful she is eating,  thinking she needs some sustenence to build her strength back!  And, I am thankful that the weatherman is predicting sunny skies for tomorrow.

Tomorrow shall indeed be a better day!

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  1. Without the ‘downs’, we’d never recognise the ‘ups’ when they came!

    Kids grow so fast these days. It’s just nice that they still think enough of us to want to intraduce us to their friends!

    Glas Michelle is on the mend. Give her my best wishes.

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