A Tender Moment…

Our little “Angus Braveheart”  has a tremendous reaction to certain noises that remind him of the clippers used to trim his coat.  If he is doing something he shouldn’t,  if we make a “bzzzz” sound with our lips, he hightails it!  Tonight when I took the Scotties out for the last time,  Angus hopped right up on the hot tub stairs and gave his fair lassie a kiss.

Unfortunately,  I did not have the camera!

I took Murphy inside and grabbed the camera, but my chance was now gone.  But this photo was pretty sweet anyway…

Angus watching over michelle.small

As I walked toward the house with my Braveheart in tow,  I thought about how Angus is not bothered in the least by the pump running on the hot tub.  As I was pondering this,  it seemed almost Providencial that “the bowl” was found sitting on the deck!

angus and the original bowl.small

That bowl looked enormous some six-and-a-half years ago when a tiny little Angus the wee puppy was placed inside and the kids gently pushed it back and forth across the tub….I nearly screamed when I saw it,  fearing that the bowl holding the precious cargo might tip!  The kids were having the best time,  guiding the wee little fellow afloat in his large silver vessel….Oh, the memory!

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