Thanks, My Dear Readers!

I want to thank you for continuing to read!   I got so busy,  I would sit at the computer at night and fall asleep! There was no time to visit blogs,  nor time to write!  That is tired!!!  I  am looking forward to the winter, as I am *hoping* things will slow down, even just a little!

Speaking of busyness,  Michelle has been busy with her college courses as well!  She dedicates several hours each week for her studies,  has been working for our pie-maker friend, Cindy, one day as week,  and she spends one day a week helping us with the slowly diminishing to-do list!  Mark and I are amazed at how well she is keeping up with everything! She is maintaining very admirable grades at school and that just makes us so happy!  It seems many schools look down on homeschooled kids, and I find it encouraging to think we did okay with her education!

Sunday afternoon, we spent a few hours burning about 12 stumps, along with what seemed like endless brush.  Mark had been stockpiling brush the past couple of years for this and with all the rain we’ve had, this was an opportune time to jump on it.

I took a few pictures after we had burned almost everything up….wish I had a “before” shot!


Mark had the plow mounted on the ATV so he was able to condense the fire as it burned.  I was in awe of the amount of junk we burned!

Here is my faithful helper….

my smirking helper.small

Ben didn’t really “enjoy” doing this, but he stuck with me and willingly grabbed small stuff from the woods to keep everything going.  We brought lawn chairs and sat nearby to keep an eye on the fire as it burned.  And yes, we got pretty smoky smelling, too!  Yuck!

Here is a photo looking down from the burn pile towards the house. As you can see, many of our pretty leaves have already fallen to the ground!

looking down toward the house.small

I used two five gallon buckets to douse the fire,  filling them ten times for a total of twenty buckets to put the fire to rest!  We still have one stubborn stump left, but it is so charred, I am sure it will burn fairly readily when we decide to ignite it once again!