I Haven’t Disappeared!

This time of the year is always so busy with little jobs like gathering firewood,  securing the pool and camper for the winter,  and taking care of any other things that might happen along!  Thus, we have been up to our eyeballs in activities that have  kept me hopping!

I seriously haven’t taken very many photos this autumn.  I had planned to try a “leaf” trip around the Finger Lakes this year, but my plans were pushed to the back burner,  then aborted!  We just cannot do *everything*!

So,  I have loaded several photos taken over the course of last week for your pleasure.  If you hover over each photo, there is a title that basically gives you an idea of what you  are looking at.  The last photo, however,  was so funny.

along route 21 woodville 1,small

along route 21 woodville 2.small

along route 21 woodville 3.small

along route 21 woodville 4.small

along route 21 woodville 5.small

colorful background at church.small

weapon used to divide pumpkin.small

preparing pumpkin for baking.small

ready for the oven.small

scooping pumpkin from shell.small

finished product.small

vine on wall at widmer's.small

As I walked down to the mailbox one afternoon, this little critter happened across the driveway in front of me.  He had a savory Hikory nut wedged in his teeth that he was not about to let fall to the ground, so he literally hopped his way in front of me!  (click on the photo to enlarge so you can see the scampering squirrel!!!)

ridiculous hopping squirrel.small