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Yesterday while awaiting on Michelle at school,  I went to the city pier for a little while “just because”.  It was a warm day and there were several people enjoying it.   An elderly couple sat on one of the park benches,  feeding Gulls bread crumbs,  while a little boy and his mother fed ducks old cereal.  There were also people fishing from the pier.

I spent time talking to the woman on the bench as well as the young mother with her son.  It was fun just enjoying some chatter and watching the tyke’s face light up as ducks came charging full steam ahead, as though the large ziplock bags of outdated cereal were a beacon enticing them to swim ever closer.

The man and woman on the bench seemed to keep the gulls busy and the mother confided she was glad her little boy was able to feed the ducks as the gulls generally swoop down and steal all of the offerings!

As I walked back towards my Explorer,  the woman and I shared a smile as we saw a group of little sparrows enjoying some of the bread crumbs at the far perimeters that the greedy gulls had left behind. I think one of the little fellows actually posed for me!

As I edited the sparrow photo,  I decided to play just a little…something I seldom ever do.  As I worked on the photo,  I saw the texture of the photo begin to resemble an oil painting.  Very cool…..(you might want to click once or twice to see it better)

edited sparrow.small

And here is the original photo…

sparrow on city pier.small

As much as my fondness for greedy gulls has diminished greatly by their aggressive behavior towards other birds,  this one really *did* pose for me!  The elderly woman laughed out loud as she watched this bird sit and turn its head back and forth as though fretting that I get its “better side”!

sitting gull.small

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  1. I like how what you did made the colors on the sparrow “pop” and who doesn’t like a nice seagull shot! Love how you got other gulls and the breakwater in with the lone gull!

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