Golden Bliss…

I guess that expression pretty much sums up my feelings about this time of the year.  Everywhere one wanders, it seems there are golden rays of sunshine shining down upon golden fields and golden trees!

cornfield and autumn trees,small

farm and cornfield.small

Every time we are out on the road,  I purpose that I will “memorize” the displays of color in my mind’s eye….but alas, it seems impossible!  I’m not sure why, but this time of the year,  I find myself seeking after the palette of colors surrounding me as though starved by the lush greens of the previous summer season.

The temperatures were more than kind today, to the point that the sweater I had tugged on earlier in the day had to come off as I got overheated.  Quite a contrast to the blustery winter weather we had!  We mustn’t grow comfortable, though,  as the weatherman has called for another cool-down this weekend.  Yes, it *is* that time of the year!

I will leave you with the feast that awaited me early this evening as the sun was setting over the western hills….

sunset outside bedroom window.small

Yes, enjoyed right out our bedroom window!  Did I ever mention I love the Bristolwood?

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  1. I can understand why! I might not feel too homesick if I had to live in your neck of the woods instead of here.

    (I think everything is now ok as of this afternoon, but I’m not counting chickens quite yet.)

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