Off to Grandmother’s House We Went

Yesterday, we spent a few hours getting the last of our firewood supply stocked in the woodshed.  Not to *gloat* or anything, but it would seem I was correct in my assessment that we really didn’t need to cut any more firewood this year!  We still have (as a matter of fact) some beautiful white oak Ben and I cut a couple of weeks ago that we might bring in”just because”….Don’t worry…I won’t trouble Mark (much, anyway) that I was right about the firewood!!!

Mark had been concerned about a set of stairs in his mother’s garden behind her house.  She walks up and down this narrow set of steps that had no railing.  Mark decided we should go over to her house today and install a railing.  The weather was supposed to be much warmer than it has been the past several days, so we hopped on the chance to do this.

After dropping Michelle at school,  we went to Tractor Supply to get the necessary hardware for the job,  then on to Mark’s mom’s house.  When we got there, she asked about a sink in a powder room….the water was literally dribbling out of the faucet.  She told Mark she might have the plumber look at it after he checks out her boiler.  Mark told me to soak the aerator in vinegar and see if that might help.  Well, after soaking a few hours,  I looked at the vinegar, and it was obvious it had dissolved a lot of buildup in the aerator.  I placed it back on and what a difference!  It made me feel good to know that we had saved her a possible bill!

Ben did a fantastic job on the railing….

grandma's new stair railing.small

grandma's new stair railing 2.small

Ben did measuring and Mark did the cutting with his circular saw.  It took time, as Ben needed to excavate next to the steps so he could attach the “uprights” for the railing to the six inch timbers used in the stairs.  This system worked fabulously and it really will help my mother-in-law out as she now has a railing.

As Ben and Mark were working,  we saw many, many ladybugs flying about.   I am not sure if they had just hatched out or were seeking winter housing as it was a warmer day.  At one point,  I saw a few on the hose…I grabbed my camera and took a macro.

shiny ladybug on hose.small

We picked Michelle up from school and headed to grab a bite to eat, as we hadn’t eaten since this morning.  We all arrived at home feeling kind of “zapped”!   Two days of fresh air is tiring, indeed!