Of Sunny Days and Beautiful Views…

Aren’t you the lucky reader?

Okay, so I found a few minutes to sit down and see some of the photos I wanted to share from my camera cards.  I thought I wouldn’t want to make one blog post from all the photos, so I have posted two entries this evening!

I know I *try* to entice my readers by showing why I think I live in one of the most beautiful places on Planet Earth….but you do have to admit, the views are pretty wonderful here!

from the end of our driveway.small

scene along the high road 1.small

scene along the high road 2.small

Now, that wasn’t too painful, was it?

Of Snowy Days and Clouds Upon the Water….

 Ah, we have been so busy the past few days.  If we aren’t running the kids around, or having their friends over,  we are working on this, that, or the other thing!  Argh!  I am ready to settle down for a long winter’s nap methinks!

I took several more photos the other day when we had our first snowfall and I thought I would post them. 

I had this *brilliant* idea to photograph the little birds who frequent our feeder as they sat perched on leafy, but snowy branches.  After all,  this was a pretty unique situation! 

I opened the second story bedroom window and leaned out to see what I could see….there on the ground far below me sat a big fat chipmunk.  This fellow could easily win a “world’s biggest chipmunk” contest.  It was huge!  And, just take a look at this glutton’s pouches in his cheeks!!!

 look at this fellow's cheeks.small

After several failed attempts to capture a chickadee on the branches,  I gave up!  Seems like my camera wanted to focus either on the snow,  or the leaves!  So, how about some snowy leaves?

snow on the leaves.small

Our snow that fell on Thursday morning melted away by late afternoon.  On Friday morning,  however, we awakened to another coating of snow.  This one wasn’t as heavy,  but it was pretty again! Michelle went in to work for Cindy in the morning,  and as I drove te Explorer down the hill,  the precipitation changed from wet snow to rain.  As a matter of fact,   we have our driveway for the house, and further down the hill on our lower property,  we have a small entrance into the woods.  At that lower “driveway”,  the rain was falling…..this is only about 300′ from the main driveway! The elevation, however,  falls rapidly as one progresses down the hill.

I stopped at the overlook where I took photos last week as I just had to capture the low-lying clouds!  They were so fascinating!

clouds on the water 1.small

really low clouds.small

I wanted to point out as well, that I very rarely “tinker” with colors in my photos!  When Mark saw the photos I posted from this vantage point last week,  he thought I had brightened them as they were almost literally screaming!  As you can see from these photos,  the colors are intense, even with the gloom of the day added in!