I Cannot Believe He Said That!

Last week,  Ben and Mark left early to pick Michelle up at school.  They had a little shopping to do and figured they would do some before  they picked her up.

They arrived home later…

After eating dinner,  Ben made a comment about his dad.  He said,  “When we came out of the store,  Dad said a ‘horse’s arse’  parked next to the truck!”  Ben then laughed hysterically!

Well, my dander got up as I told Ben he had better watch his mouth!

To which he laughed again.

And, my dander raised a notch.

Finally,  Ben grabbed Mark’s cell phone and fiddled with it for a bit.  “There….look for yourself.”

amish horse.small

amish buggy.small

Sorry about the quality.  Mark had taken the photos with his phone and I have no idea why the “pink” atmosphere!

I never even asked where this was located,  but as many times as I have driven to Canandaigua, I have never, ever seen a horse “parked” in a lot!   The sad fact is, since most folks “drive” in automated vehicles,  there is no allowance for tying up horses.  Thus, this horse was tied to a yellow pole that is in the handicapped spaces.  (Mark probably would never have noticed it, otherwise!)