Yes, while it really isn’t *much*,  it certainly *is* early!

Last night, on our way home after shopping, Michelle and I  saw some snow in the air.  It was nothing to worry about, though, as it was harmlessly falling and melting.

Last night,  after taking the Scotties out, I had to run and grab my camera because the dusting of snow was so pretty!

snow on the bush 1.small

Well, perhaps the bush was pretty,  but my  Mums didn’t look quite as pretty.

snow covered pink mums 2.small

snow covered rust mums 3.small

Those Mums are so impressive this year!  I received the pink ones last year from my mother-in-law.  They came in a tiny four inch pot.  When I transplanted them into the ground,  I was doubtful they would grow,  but they are actually bigger around than a bushel basket!  The rust-colored ones grew astronomically as well!

This morning when I opened my eyes,  although it was dark out,  it seemed kind of “bright”.

trees outside the bedroom window 4.small

Let me assure you, snow in our neck of the woods in October is very unusual!  It does make for some interesting photos, though!

The bush continued to disappear this morning……

bush this morning 5.small

I went and got my little Panasonic camera because it has such a wide angle.  Here is our front “yard”…..

in front of house.small

I repeatedly bemoan our  annual autumnal “monsoons”  as the rain prematurely strips all color from the trees each year!  This year should be different!  Not sure if this snow will remove the leaves,  but it really makes for bizarre conditions!

leafy trees with snow.small

Explorer?  Where for art thou?

snow clad explorer.small

an unusual wintry scene.small

Looking out back is impressive….the tall trees look even taller in their snowy shroud!


I  understand the weather is much worse to our south.  It seems utility lines have gone down under the weight of the sloppy, wet snow!  

As I came back into the house from outside,  I heard a little Chickadee call out to me.  Instead of the cheerful little “chick-a-dee-dee-dee-dee”  I typically hear from these sweet little birds,  I am positive it call “feed me-me-me-me”!  I did so….immediately!

Now, to curl up with a hot cup of tea and listen to the radio…..