Self-Imposed Segregation

Today, the winds were bitingly cold.  No, not really “chilly”.  But cold!

I picked Michelle up late this afternoon and she was famished.  I made a quick stop at the grocery store and then we went to Wendy’s so she could get a quick bite to eat.  Since Wendy’s is located so close to the lake, we decided to eat (in the Explorer) on the pier.

As we sat in the warmth of the car,   I suddenly saw what looked like a “swarm” of  ducks (?) floating in the water.  The sky was already beginning to darken,  and the wind blowing caused the birds to bob up and down, seemingly uncontrollaby.  But to my surprise,  the birds in question turned out to be Coots!

coots all in the water.small

Interesting…..the gulls were all lined up on the rocks,  almost looking like they were huddled to gain some warmth!

gulls on the rocks.small

The birds both kept their distance from each other.  I did see a gull “dive bomb” a Coot, who immediately reached up as though to snap at the offender!

again, coots in water.small

and gulls on the rocks.small

Michelle and I smiled at one another as we discussed how these birds were obviously biased towards their “own kind”!