Somehow I Missed the Weekend!

Sorry to have disappeared for a time, but I feel like I am standing on the “railroad tracks of life” and the train keeps running me over and over!!!  Perhaps not the best analogy,  but close to how I percieve life lately!

The kids had a party here on Saturday night.  One of the main reasons was because their friend,  Jonathan,  was home from college.  The kids love any reason to “congregate” and of course,  we were all anxious to see Jono!  The kids also decided to do a “Capture the Flag” game in the dark!  Ugh!

The few photos I did mangae to take didn’t come out very well,  but here they are…

jono and the apple entertain.small

jono in a eureka moment.small

erin with camo painted face.small

Before venturing forth into the woods (in total DARKNESS!)  I made the kids a meal of  Chicken Flambe and Twice Baked Potatoes.  Yes, the “flambe” is supposed to have the little doodad over the “e”, but….. And no, “Chicken Flambe” was not entirely planned! 

You see, I generally make chicken on the grill for our (smallish) family of four.  That might mean only eight pieces of chicken on the grill at a time.  Well,  if one puts, say,  twenty pieces of thigh meat *with* skin…..well….let’s just say I am quite grateful to still be “wearing” my eyebrows and bangs!!!  When I opened that grill cover,  I could not believe the seemingly attacking flames lapping up at me!

Fortunately,  I moved quickly and all of the pieces of chicken were saved!  I had made up a batch of my homemade barbeque sauce and nearly killed Carly by having her taste the spicy, savoury mix!  Carly did not acquire my liking or perhaps ability to tolerate hot or spicy food!

The kids finished their meals and went out into the woods,  most everyone dressed in camo.  It was so fun as Mark, Carly, and I watched from th back deck.  We could see the glowing “flags” shining in the darkness and every now and then,  we would hear voices.

Carly looked at me and asked if perhaps we ought to add an element of “confusion” by wandering up into the woods ourselves.  Sounded like fun to me,  but I have to admit,  I havn’t giggled so hard in a long time.  Carly had to “shh” me a few times.  I always fancied myself as being fairly graceful in the woods….but not in pitch black!  Egads!

Carly and I visited one fort, then the other.  As we sneaked up on the second fort,  one of the guards spotted us and shined a headlight on us.  I was giggling uncontrollably by this time and was nearly swept away by a zealous young man who called out “Gottcha”!  The look on his face when he actually discovered “who” he had captured was priceless! I stood to walk toward the fort,  but my long skirt I was wearing tangled in a small sapling and I fell nearly flat on my face.   I giggled even more,  covering the fact I had hit a rock on my left eye as I fell.  It wasn’t serious, but the giggles covered the total embarrassment!

After the game,  the kids were chilled to the bone and all wanted to hop into the hot tub!  Egads….at one point, there was a grand total of nine bodies submerged!  And Alex brought along his lighted frisbee to add a little drama! (That would be the red lights…the blue is from the lights in the hot tub. )

in the hot tub with alex's frisbee.small

Our guests left about 11:30 pm, and I felt dead-on-my-feet,  as I had been on them the enire day!

Sunday, the kids worked around the garage preparing to bring in loads of firewood. (HOW does a garage get so full of clutter and STUFF?)  Then,  we drove over near Penn Yan to deliver the kids to a birthday party.  We had to pick them up again at nine, so we just drove around and “hung out” for a few hours. 

So, today (Monday) should have been a day off? No way!  Today, as Mark and Michelle gathered firewood from the woods, Ben and I cut even more firewood!  We worked until about three, then I made lunches.  Shortly afterward,  I felt terrible and rested.  I am still feeling kind of “ugly”….not too sure, but thinking the cold (it was quite chilly the entire day) and fumes from cutting with the chainsaw got to me!

I cannot wait to see all of the firewood neatly stacked and waiting in the woodshed for the winter ahead.  The weatherman is suggesting a cold and snowy winter this year….time will tell!