A Grape Day!

This morning,  after bounding out of bed and doing my daily chores,  I decided to use some of the grapes I picked up yesterday.  Concord Grapes are one of my favorites!

delicious concord grapes.small

I love the purply-blue skins on the Concords.  I also have a lot of fantastic memories of going to Lake Erie vineyards and orchards as a youngster….My parents would take us to pick bunches of the sugary treats fresh from the vines.  If I close my eyes and breathe in deeply,  I can smell the luscious seasonal bunches!  We usually picked a bushel or two of Cortland Apples first, then we would head to the vineyards.  We were handed sharp clippers to make short work of snipping bunches into our waiting baskets.  We would fill the baskets as full as possible, then set them on a huge scale to be weighed….Oh, what memories!

So, in honor of my childhood memories,  I created four quart-sized jars of grape pie filling…..

fours jars of grape pie filling.small

And baked a fresh crumb-topped grape pie.  I cannot wait to taste the pie as I added a few litle “extras” into both the pie as well as the topping.

crumb-topped grape pie I made.small

Memories….the stuff we are made of… Memories are so fabulous so long as they don’t trip us up!