A Day Well Spent

Well,  I am not sure this would have been everyone’s idea of a day well spent,  but Ben, Mark, and I thoroughly enjoyed this day!

I needed to make a trip to Penn Yan for a few baking supplies and we wound up taking a couple of detours.  Rather than boring you,  however,  I shall allow the photos to speak for me. However, if you have any questions,  I will answer in the comments!

So, pour yourself a cup of tea and sit back….relax, and enjoy a gorgeous New York autumn afternoon…..

Do remember that if you click on the photo, a larger image will be shown….click again to see the photo even larger! Also, in hovering over the photo, a brief “title” will appear)

angus the smilin' scot.small

extreme goodness wrapped in plastic wrap.small


if only you could smell these.small

wind generator amongst vineyard.small

busload of visitors from ohio.small

interesting visitors at the winery.small

bench overlooking countryside.small

view from bench overlooking countryside.small

grapes and barn.small

just an awesome autumn scene.small

marks dad once owned this land.small

barn set in the woods.small

awesome gazebo.small

Okay….did you click on the photo above?  If so, did you happen to notice the weathervane?

three geese in a front yard.small