The Sound of Silence

The “main event” today had to have been the vicious winds whipping around outside!  This morning, as I looked out at the little Scottie weathervane on the back deck,  the poor little Scottie looked more like a whirlygig than a weathervane!  The Scottie was switching directions with every wild gust that blew….nearly continuously.  The anemometer was swirling so rapidly, it looked like it was about to lift off its base!

windy weather.small

Come to think of it,  if I could have somehow harnessed the energy from the anemometer, it probably could have handily provided “juice” for my laptop for quite some time!

The good news is that the wild weather is now diminishing and I only hear the wind lapping at the house periodically.

We have so many broken off pieces of branches and even lots of bright green leaves all over the place. Now, off to the woods tomorrow to see if any new trees went down……