Visions of Heaven…

Today was not a day to rest and relax.  No way!

We rushed and were out the door by 7:30.  Instead of being just Michelle and Mark or Michelle and me,  it was the whole family!  Mark, Michelle, Ben, me, and the two Scotties.  We hurried off to drop Michelle at school.  We were blessed with some more fantastic skies!

more awesome skies this morning 1.small

Skies that not only appeal to my baby blues,  but also to others who “take to the sky”.  Note the hot air balloon very far off in the distance! (and this was before 8 am!)

hot air balloon spotted over canandaigua 2.small

After dropping Michelle off, we drove through Canandaigua.  A couple of years ago, I learned about a contest local merchants have,  decorating scarecrows to advertise their businesses.  I saw a couple who lost their heads when they bought a new property!

another assignment 3.small

I most assuredly need to get my camera and head to downtown Canandaigua!

We drove onward toward Rochester.  We did, after all, have an appointment.  We were going to take my mother-in-law to the doctor today.  We decided to make a field trip of it as well.  We drove past Irondequoit Bay and (of course) Mark stopped,  asking if I wanted to take some photos.

smooth as glass irondequoit bay 4.small

Look at how still the water was as the sky reflected off it!

reflections on irondequoit bay 5.small

Fortunately,  my little bucket of cracked corn was in the back of the truck….

feeding geese at irondequoit bay 6.small

Yes,  I know that Canada Geese are disliked by some because of their tendency to kind of overpopulate and wear out their welcome,  but they really are beautiful birds.   And yes,  I spread the corn along a wall like that to create this photo!

We drove to my mother-in-law’s house and picked her up.  When we dropped her off at the doctor’s office, she said she would go in by herself.  So,  our little field trip with Ben began!

We drove over to the Seneca Park Zoo.  Mark asked if Ben and I wanted to go on in,  but since I was without my cell phone,  I said no.  I was thinking if Mark’s mom called and I was in the zoo,  she might get dismayed!  Mark wondered what the road alongside the zoo led to, so he headed on down that way…

Well, surprise!  Outside of the “Seneca Park Zoo” is….yes,  “Seneca Park”!  It is a small park with picnicking areas and a small pond.  As Mark drove along,  the pond was on his side of the road.  I squawked as I spotted two cygnets in the pond!

Mark found a space to park….

two cygnets spotted at seneca park 7.small

Now,  I realize that to many,  birds are not “heavenly” animals!  The thing is,  seeing these wild birds warming up to our advances and happily eating from our hands and cups just makes me think this might just be a glimpse into what heaven is like….

feeding canada goose from mcdonalds cup 8.small

inquisitive cygnet 9.small

Ben came along with me.  We found ourselves suddenly surrounded by 17 geese,  3 mallard ducks, and 2 cygnets.  We lingered on and on and Ben really found himself enjoyng feeding the birds.  The cygnets were shy until one of the buggers *hissed* at me!  I made it clear I was not afraid, in no uncertain terms!  One of the cygnets did come out of the water and I could not believe the size of its massive feet….truly they were 4 to 5 times the size of the geese feet!

huge cygnet foot10.small

two famished cygnets 11.small

one of my favorite photos of the day 12.small

ben feeds two hungry geese 13.small

Suddenly more ducks appeared.  Then a large Great Blue Heron came in and lingered on the far side of the pond. He hid behind cattails, thinking he was invisible, although we laughed at the silly bird!

very curious onlooker 14.small

As I walked back to the truck with my nearly depleted bucket of cracked corn,  I turned around to see my boy still looking on at the birds….

Yup,  this has got to be a vision of heaven……

another day with happy memories15.small