So Funny!

Yesterday,  both Michelle and I were up and “at ’em” at about 5 am.  I have to admit….I was pretty tired!  But, as Michelle bustled about, getting ready for school,  I picked things up and put them away.  I made her a sandwich to take along to school for lunch and then we were off to school.

I dropped Michelle off  and then headed over to WalMart.  I needed to return a lamp I had bought and pick up a lightbulb for the cabinet we inherited from my father-in-law.  I grazed through the store,  taking my time and just enjoying  not being rushed by anyone or anything. 

After purchasing a few items, I made my way back to the Explorer.  As I was just a few feet from the vehicle,  I looked down just as I stepped into the puddle…..

wee croc.small

It took several seconds for my sleep-deprived brain and bleary eyes to realize the wee little “croc” was one that dangled and fallen from someone’s keychain!