A Wee Jaunt on Main Street

Yesterday afternoon,  I walked for just a few minutes along Main Street in Canandaigua.   Main Street wanders northward from Canandaigua Lake at its southern end, slowly rising upward as one progresses to the north.  The “city” proper,  lines Main Street with many businesses…very unusual these days,  as it seems malls have more or less squelched Main Street, USA.

As one continues past the business district,  still heading due north,  the city still rises and towards the “plateau”, one is in the “company” of several churches.  There are churches of several “flavors” and they are neatly “packaged” within a few hundred yards of one another!

One of the interesting features I wanted to photograph was the lovely “feather” weathervane at the First Congregational Church.   Mark dropped me off a block north of where the churches are situated, and I had to walk sothward past the Methodist Episcopal Church.  As I walked by, I decided to photograph the pretty bell tower.

gargoyles in canandaigua.small

After I take a photo,  I always review it,  zooming in on the details to make sure the photo is as I wanted it.  As I zoomed in on the tower,  I was surprised to discover that there was a gargoyle located on each of the corners! I never would have even seen them had I not photographed the tower….In studying the photo,  I was rather puzzled….the gargoyle on the left has the name “Cribb” etched to its right,  while the gargoyle on the right has the name “Cook” etched in the stone to its left.  Since I was trying to keep from getting wet,  I was taking my photos at a brisk pace. Now I wonder if the other gargoyles are “named” as well, and what the names are.  Another “assignment” for yet another day!

I trekked onward to the Congregational Church. The following three photos are of the weathervane and bell tower….

weathervane first congregational church 1.small

weathervane and bell tower first congregational church 2.small

weathervane and bell tower first congregational church 3.small

While features such as those shown are striking against a crystal blue sky,  the dark gray skies really didn’t detract from the photos and maybe even loaned a small interest of their own!

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  1. Beautiful photos indeed: and lovely feather weathervane.

    [And look forward to learning the names of all the gargoyles. 🙂 ]

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