I Was Thinking….

that my lovely little Scottie weathervane looked more like a whirly-gig yesterday and today than a weathervane!  That poor little Scottie on top must have felt so dizzy spinning about like a dreidel!

So, after a little bit of time without any rain this afternoon,  I decided to go wander around Canandaigua.  The foreboding skies would make the perfect background for my capture!

pelican weathervane.small

Yes!  I have passed this pelican weathervane for so long,  always making a mental note that I must stop to photograph it at some point.  The sky,  with its superb color and “texture” offered the perfect backdrop!

I must say I am generally quite reluctant to photograph such things,  as this house is a private dwelling.  The good news is that is hailed a “For Sale” sign in the front yard, so for all anyone knows,  I was recording the house to look at later on!

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