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Yes!!! I have (finally!) conquered the sweater!  I had almost finished it Friday, but needed to buy buttons.  Buttons are one of those tiny little details that often throw me over the edge….The last time I bought buttons like these, I wasn’t paying close attention and when I got home, I realized they were PLASTIC!  Blech!!!

While Mark and I spent a little time in Canandaigua last evening ( I just *had* to have a little cup of Abbott’s Pumpkin Custard….tis the season, after all!)  I remembered I needed buttons. I relunctantly went into JoAnn’s Fabrics,  hoping that “perhaps” they might have something acceptable. 

As I looked through tons of buttons,  I did find some “vintage” buttons by La Mode that might do.   I was looking for real leather buttons though, and when I saw the JHB display, hope welled up.  As I turned the swiveling display,  my eyes lit upon *exactly* the buttons I wanted!  And, to add to my surprise,  these buttons were actually made in the USA!  What a pleasant surprise!

Now….what shall I make next?

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  1. I love the sweater!!!! (And you look great in it!) Which pattern is it? What yarn did you use? Those buttons are just classic with it. Now that you have the knittng bug what is your next project?

  2. Thanks, everyone!

    Frances, this pattern is a free online one from Paton’s.

    The pattern was available in two different lengths and since I am so short, I made the “Shortie Cardigan”. Now I wish I would have made the longer version. Ah well…I used Paton’s Classic Merino Yarn. It worked up nicely and I am hoping it will wash well when it needs it. We have no local yarn stores here…there is a nice one in Rochester, but I don’t like traveling that far for yarn, so I got my yarn at JoAnn’s Fabrics.

    Right now, my biggest problem with knitting is that it seems so hard to find the yarns to substitute in patterns. All the patterns I love call for specific yarn and some just are hard to find. Have you ever ordered yarn from Web’s in Massachusetts?

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