me in the new sweater.small

Yes!!! I have (finally!) conquered the sweater!  I had almost finished it Friday, but needed to buy buttons.  Buttons are one of those tiny little details that often throw me over the edge….The last time I bought buttons like these, I wasn’t paying close attention and when I got home, I realized they were PLASTIC!  Blech!!!

While Mark and I spent a little time in Canandaigua last evening ( I just *had* to have a little cup of Abbott’s Pumpkin Custard….tis the season, after all!)  I remembered I needed buttons. I relunctantly went into JoAnn’s Fabrics,  hoping that “perhaps” they might have something acceptable. 

As I looked through tons of buttons,  I did find some “vintage” buttons by La Mode that might do.   I was looking for real leather buttons though, and when I saw the JHB display, hope welled up.  As I turned the swiveling display,  my eyes lit upon *exactly* the buttons I wanted!  And, to add to my surprise,  these buttons were actually made in the USA!  What a pleasant surprise!

Now….what shall I make next?