Stump Removing 101

One of the most frustrating things about having work done with a bulldozer is that there is cleanup work to be done afterwards.  The following photos are taken to the east side of our property where the bulldozer fashioned a new drainage ditch through the woods, coming out to the road.  The problem is that in so doing,  four or five trees  were pushed over to form a luxurious “road”!

Ben and Mark worked on getting a few of the stumps removed from the area, tidying it up nicely.  However, there was still one stump remaining as of this morning.  Mark made a remark about saving the biggest for last.  He and the kids went up the path and began working on removing this bad boy.

The problem with showing photos of things like stumps is that a picture can never give the proper perspective of a stump that probably weighs more than a small automobile!  I need to interject that we have been in a very, very dry weather pattern lately, so Ben beat the tar out of the roots of this tree,  knocking off a huge amount of dirt and stones!

So….here you have it…..

stump moving 1.small

One farm wagon, two ramps, one set of massive chains, one come-along,  several pieces of odds and ends of wood and firewood,  two kids, and Mark.

stump moving 2.small

stump moving 3.small

stump moving 4.small

stump moving 5.small

stump moving 6.small

stump moving 7.small

stump moving 8.small

At this point,there was a large root that caught on the side of the wagon, making it impossible to lift the stump onto the wagon.  Never fear.  The kids learned a lot about levers,  mechanical advantage,  and safety today,  via Mark!

stump moving 9.small

I was so surprised when Ben made comments to Mark (more than once) about how to perform a certain task and Mark thought a few minutes and then told Ben he was correct!  Something tells me the Engineering Apple didn’t fall too far from the tree!

With a couple more pieces of firewood and a long bar,  the bad stumpwas on the wagon and headed to another part of the property.  I think Ben must have been near ecstasy at this point in time!

stump moving 10.small

The kids finished up then showered and were off to the Grape Festival.   We drove them down about two this afternoon and the traffic was hideous!  They stayed with their friends,  then went to a concert.

We are finally getting some much appreciated rain! The winds have been awesome all day and the temperature has dropped to the point that there is a reall “chill” in the air.  Ah,  love, love, love the Autumn!  I am beginning to experience the hibernation mode,  but we need to get our firewood in first!

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