Katya, Katya, Where have You Been?

NOT to London to visit the Queen!

NOT taking photographs.

NOT tidying and cleaning the house.

No, no, no!

Instead,  I have been spending time running to and from Canandaigua to take Michelle to classes and pick her up.  I have also been spending a good deal of time outside,  doing odd jobs that need to be done.  Today, I spent a few hours in the woods cutting firewood.  Yes, we are behind in getting in our firewood for the winter.  I tend to think we have more than 14 cords, which would fill our woodshed to capacity, but Mark begs to differ.  Time (and gathering what is already cut)  will tell.  Mark always thinks we have less than we really do!

I do have a little story to tell about Michelle.  She is taking a business course in which the professor divides the kids into groups.  Michelle was in a group with another girl and two guys. The girl dropped out of the course (or so Michelle thought) so Michelle and the two guys would have to do a “case study” regarding a business, researching and writing a paper answering specific questions.  Michelle volunteered to put the paper together and edit it for her group.

Michelle showed me her paper last weekend and I gave her a few ideas to “polish” it up,  but they were very small things.  Michelle went to class a few days later and the professor said there was one paper that received a “10” (best score), but one paper that was very “outstanding”.  Michelle and the class watched as the said paper was placed on the ovehead.  As the professor began reading, Michelle couldn’t believe it….it was the paper she edited for her group! Way to go, Michelle!!!!

Today, she saw the girl who dropped out of the class, but she explained she merely switched classes because she was having a hard time with attending everything that day.  She told Michelle the professor showed her new class the same “outstanding” paper.  Michelle was shocked, but quite pleased!

The weekend is around the corner and the Naples Grape Festival is once again rolling around.  Michelle is going down to help Cindy tomorrow and she is excited about the festival. 

Ben has been helping me with th firewood and Mark is teaching him about using a chainsaw.  He is anxious to cut firewood, but Mark wants him to be familiar with safe usage before he cuts. 

I do have a few photos that I need to show, but I am so tired, I am sitting in a heap on the couch!  I was so tired today that when we went to Canandaigua to pick Michelle up,  I completely forgot to even grab a camera! That is pretty tired!