A Long and Somewhat Productive Day

I got up with the Scotties a little later than usual because I had to knit a few rows on the sleeve for my new sweater.  The boys are pretty patient in the morning,  and today they waited without making any fuss as the needles moved along….

When we made it downstairs,  there was a strange “look” in the house.  I looked outside the French doors on the back deck and noticed that everything looked as though it had been “bathed” in orange!  Even the air itself seemed like there was a funny color to it!

As the Scotties ate their breakfast, I went out the door with my camera.  I looked up in the sky

1 reddish-orange sky this morning.small

2 losing some of the red color.small

As the “cloud” made its way east, it became less and less “colorful”.

3 turning more yellow and heading eastward.small

Since we had no major plans to do anything special,  I spent a good deal of the day reading and knitting.  I finished one sleeve for my sweater yesterday, then sewed the fronts to the back at the shoulders.  I thought the sleeves would be so easy to complete,  but all the cabling was driving me nuts!  I don’t need to read the pattern as the instructions are now imbedded in my brain,  but there is so much fiddling around with cables!!!!

4 the new sweater getting done.small

This shows the detail on the front….

5 so many stitches to twist turn and cable.small

and the sleeve…..

6 sleeve detail.small

I am determined to finish this bugger up by the weekend!  After finishing the sleeve yesterday,  I finished the neck edge as I was reluctant to begin the second sleeve!

Mark and I watched another Sabres preseason game last night,  which was another win for Buffalo! Yeah, go Sabres!  They played Washington last night, which is another team they have a hard time beating.  Now, if only they could continue on during the regular season!

Michelle and Mark made a fantastic barbeque sauce they found the recipe for on the internet.   I cooked boneless skinless chicken thighs on the grill for dinner and then swirled them around in the sauce.  I also made green bean casserole and once dinner was served, there was a lot of lip-smacking going on!

Now, if only I could figure out how to make the house self-cleaning…..

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