Change Coming to our Region

Last evening, the kids went to a concert down in Naples with the proceeds benefitting the family of their friend who was in a serious automobile accident a few weeks ago.  The young man involved in the accident showed up last night.  He is wearing a neck brace and his arm in in a cast as it was injured quite severely.  We are all just thankful he is okay!

As the kids were at their concert,  Mark, the Scotties, and I sat in the truck, watching a hockey game on the laptop. The game was very exciting,  as it was a preseason game against the Detroit Redwings.  Buffalo has been so hard pressed to defeat this team, but they did last night, taking the game 3:1!

1 watching hockey in the truck.small

Of course, Angus got bored after a bit since the laptop didn’t offer food or anything inviting for a Scottie! So, he decided to stand guard duty in case anyone might try to slip too close to the truck!

2 angus on guard duty.small

We parked in a space in front of the Naples Pharmacy and I decided to take a few photos.  I must digress just a bit and explain that I didn’t get out of the truck to take any photos, as I was suffering the results of a ridiculous headache I had awakened to yesterday morning.  I have never had a migraine, but every now and again,  I get a massive tension headache (in the back of the neck and spreading to the shoulders) that just refuses to leave.  Thus, I spent a good portion of yesterday lying on the bed.   The temperature was a tad chilly last night and I just didn’t have any ambition.  So, photos from the truck….

4 flag outside naples pharmacy.small

5 bench outside pharmacy.small

I noticed that St. Januarius Catholic Church already has a sign up for their annual yard sale during the Grape Festival.  The festival is next weekend.

3 making ready for the grape fastival.small

This brought to my mind a news story I had read a couple of weeks ago. 

Naples is “on the  map”, if you will,  for two *famous* things.  Those two entities are the annual Naples Grape Festival and Widmer’s Winery.   Well, we have been informed that within the next eighteen months,  Widmer’s Wines will be moved away from Naples and relocated to Canandaigua. 

I cannot help but wonder what kind of impact this move will have on the tiny village of Naples.  I’m not certain of the statistics, but I would venture to guess that many of the 55 Windmer employees are from the area.  In reading through a history of Widmer’s, this winery has been in the Naples location for over a century, when Swiss born John Widmer established the venture in 1883.  The winery has survived some tough times, including America’s spell of prohibition.

 The town is assured that the move might be a positive one, as the Rochester Institute of Technology has shown an interest in the property.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out.  The Widmer property is a fairly large portion of Naples and has presented itself nicely over the years.   The distinct building sitting on a side road running parallel to Main Street has been an important part of the town for many, many years. 

6 naples hotel lit up.small

Time alone will tell how this move will impact the lives of the people of such a small community…..