Photos from the Bristolwoood

Taken over the course of the past week.

The first photo threw me. I thought I was looking at “wild snapdragons”, but as I looked at images of these,  I got totally confused.  In reading at Wikipedia, these pretty little flowers have a host of names a mile long! Some are altogether ugly,  so I settled on plain old yellow toadflax!

yellow toadflax.small

My tiny miniature rose bush has been blooming a lot lately.  It must enjoy the cooler temperatures and not quite so much rain as we experienced this summer….

my precious miniature rosebush.small

One day when we were riding the ATV’s through the woods,  Mark commented I should stop and photograph this fascinating stand of fungi.

colorful fungi 2.small

I cannot help but think of the Walt Disney movie Fantasia when I see these toadstools. (mushrooms?)  I imagine the little Chinese people with their straw hats suddenly “coming to life”!

colorful fungi.small

The holly bush seems to have an abundance of bright red berries this year!

bright red berries on holly bush.small

Come to think of it, all of the plants in the front garden grew much larger than normal this year.  I think the rain we had earlier gave all the plants a headstart!  I have two mum plants that grew as large as bushel baskets this year,  with so many flowers, they are real showstoppers!

The last photo is a hawk feather I found in the woods.  Yes,  I had to park the ATV, hop off, and pick the feather up!

pretty hawk feather.small

That’s it.  Just some random photos from our home!