Of Bulldozers and Butterflies…

Yesterday and today, in the midst of ground-rumbling work taking place,  the most beautiful Monarch butterfly came and visited the butterfly bush in the front garden….

unbelievably beautiful monarch buttergly.small

beautiful monarch butterfly.small

This butterfly was just stunning!  Our Swallowtail Butterfly that was visiting here earlier in the summer had so many tatters and tears in its wings….I had read that Swallowtails are very territorial….but this Monarch was just perfect! Every bit of its wings looked “brand new”!  Ben even noticed it and hollered for me to come look!

Just awesome!

Mr Rogers Was in the Neighborhood!

No, not the congenial sweater-wearing host of Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood, but Mr. Rogers, the excavator!  He leveled the pad for our camper,  created a new drainage swale to replace the (defunct) “stream” bed in the front yard,  touched up some trails for the ATV in the woods, and gave us a fantastic new driveway!  He came yesterday around two and left at about five.  He was back this morning around seven-thirty and finished up around noon.  Amazing the difference a man and a bulldozer can make in less than a day’s labor!

1 leveling the camper pad.small

2 new level pad for camper.small

3 new swale in woods to divert water to the road.small

4 flattening the hill next to the driveway.small

5 truck delivering cobbles to fill in stream bed.small

6 cobbles for stream bed.small

cobble-lined stream bed,small

house-shaking vibrating roller.small

stream bed and new driveway almost done.small

As Mr. Rogers worked on making the new swale for rainwater,  he *found* our cable for our “3-in-1” service….cable television, internet, and digital phone!  Needless to say, we were without for a day….thankfully, Time Warner was quick to come and lay a new line this afternoon.

The place is looking very “new”!  Mark and Guy (Mr. Rogers) talked about all the tasks we wanted done, and Guy would give us his ideas.   Since he has been doing this work for many years,  we basically followed his advice and boy, what a difference!  Everything is looking terrific!  I especially like the cobbles lining the stream bed….they add a real “parklike”  feel!