Sunday, Runday, Funday!

Saturday night, I went to bed late. Too late to get up yesterday at 5 am!  But, I did indeed get up and awakened the rest of the family as well.  After all,  we had planned a busy day!

We were off and out the door by eight, but our journey was drawing us about ninety miles from home.  We headed north, then due west.  The kids chattered in the backseat and we made good time,  reaching the parking lot in Buffalo at almost exactly ten-thirty.  We hustled inside and found our seats.

So….what was it we were attending?

Sabres training camp!

Don’t worry….I will only show a few of the many photos I took!

hsbc arena home of the buffalo sabres.small

coach lindy ruff instructs the team.small

The next photo is of player Drew Stafford.  I really like Drew, although he needs more consistency in his play.  Shortly after taking this photo,  I looked at my Twitter account and found out he had just signed a new two year contract with the Sabres!

drew stafford.small

Terri,  if you are reading, the next photo is for you!  It is hometown boy, Tim Connolly!  Kind of a crummy photo, but, hey, it’s Timmy!

tim connolly.small

And my one action shot I will show is teammates trying to score on goaltender Ryan Miller.

action on goalie millers end.small

We had a great time watching the team scrimmage.

When we left early in the morning,  we had to decide what to do with the little Scottie boys.  Mark wanted to take our two kennels (cages) with us,  but one is so cavernous, it takes up tons of space.   We decided to take the Scotties and one cage.  We parked in the parking lot specifically for HSBC Arena.  The truck has a cool feature in which the bottoms of the rear seats pull up to the back of the front seats, then the back of the seats drop down, forming a large flat surface in the rear seat.  This was perfect for the Scotties.  We kennelled Angus, as he is the more “vocal” of the two.  He tends to jump up on the seat and look out the window, while Murphy just curls into a ball and sleeps.

When I went out about midway of the practice,  sure enough…..Murphy was rolled in a ball, sleeping on a blanket.  Angus didn’t seem to mind the cage much and the two were quiet and calm.  They were such good boys!  The temperature in the parking garage never exceeded 65 degrees, so the Scotties were cool and it worked out perfectly!

As soon as the practice was over,  we hopped into the truck and headed off for lunch.  Everyone ate at Mighty Taco, excet me, as I was holding out for a Greek salad from John and Mary’s!  After Mighty Taco, we headed to Anderson’s Frozen Custard.  We bought a quart of Vanilla custard and split it.  Mmmmmmmmmm!

We made our way towards Darien Center so the kids could go to the amusement park for a couple of hours.  We stopped only to pick up my salad,  then went to the park.  The kids rode for a two hours, then we headed towards home.

We stopped in Geneseo for some grilled Kentucky Fried Chicken.  The kids were hungry after their rides, after all!  When finished (Ididn’t eat as I was still rather stuffed  from my salad!)  Mark and the kids shopped in Wal Mart for awhile. 

We got home again shortly after nine o’clock and as I began to enter this into my blog, I realized I was too exhausted to even hold my head up!

Ben best summed up yesterday, commenting,  “This was just an awesome day!”