Just Another One of Those Awesome Canandaigua Sunsets

Late this afternoon, Mark and the kids went down to Bath to return a bike rack that we bought for the camper.  It mounted to the back bumper,  but we discovered we could easily carry our bikes inside the camper itself.   This was a better solution as the rear bumper isn’t sturdy enough to hold too much weight.  Plus, it is a cinch to just place the bikes inside…..two can lie down on the queen size bed with an old blanket under them.  Once placed, they remain “planted” very well!  The third bike can be placed at the end of the bed and doesn’t require too much securing down.

On their way home,  the kids were going to be dropped off down in Naples for a concert.  Many of their friends were going,  so Mark dropped them off and picked up Murphy and me at home.  I wanted to take a little ride to Canandaigua so off we went.  I hadn’t eaten any supper, so we stopped by Arby’s,  then Mark headed down to the lake. 

As I ate, we watched a wedding party out on the dock for the Canandaigua Lady.  A photographer was working away and I watched with great interest.   After several minutes,  I turned to the west and looked to see what the bridal “backdrop” might be.   And so, without further ado,  here is a look.  (the first photo of the Canandaigua Lady is facing east, but the rest are all taken toward the west)

sunset reflecting on canandaigua lady.small

pretty sunset.small

did I say pretty sunset.small

awesome oh yes.small

yes just awesome.small

yes indeed.small

Did I mention this sunset was awesome?