My Day Out

Mark and I have agreed that we will drive Michelle to her classes each day.  Canandaigua isn’t that far away and both of us have work and things we can do while waiting for her.  Mark decided he would stay home yesterday, so I got the opportunity to take Michelle.

I dropped her off at school, then went and parked the Explorer.  Michelle brought little Murphy along, thinking I might get lonely or bored,  so we sat in the car for awhile,  he sleeping and I, knitting!  We remained for quite some time, then I decided I needed to stretch my legs….I went over to WalMart and bought some bulbs (crocuses and daffodils) to plant this fall.  Then I hopped on over to TJ Maxx to have a look at what they had.  Finding nothing exciting,  I decided I was very hungry, so I went to Wegman’s and picked up some Chinese for Michelle and me.  I also bought some little treats for my companion!

While I was driving through the plaza where TJ Maxx is located,  I saw a huge flock of Canada Geese meandering about on the grass.  A car passed by near them and they began to lift off.  I stopped the Explorer and took a couple of photos through the windshield…it happened so rapidly,  I didn’t get great shots.

geese taking off 1.small

geese taking off 2.small

At lunchtime, Michelle called me and I told her I had some lunch for her.  She came out with her friends, Jacob and Jeffrey.  We all walked over to a pavilion near the parking lot and I sat with them as they ate.  It was a tremendous day to be outside….warm but not hot,  and sunny.  We had an enjoyable time, then the kids went back to their classes.

Mark called and we talked…I had shipped a box via UPS that had a problem.  Our driver returned the damaged box and we decided I had better return home to repack it.  I was a little discouraged,  as Murphy and I were rather comfortable in our little “auto lounge”!

I did get quite a bit of the right front of my sweater done!

sweater right front.small

I have the back, left front, and this much done on my sweater.  I am hoping to finish it within the next couple of weeks.  It would be sooner if I got to take Michelle to school more often!

I vacuumned the living room and cleaned a bit before heading back to Canandaigua to pick Michelle up from school.  Even though I didn’t accomplish a great deal,  it surely was a very nice day out!