When one Photo Leads to Another

 On Monday, we went for a “pleasure ride” just to get away from the house for awhile.  We ended up quite far from home, but the day was not totally futile as Michelle did buy some necessities for college.

I have featured the little Town/ Village of Waterloo here before.  One of its most famous claims-to-fame is that it is recognized as the “home of Memorial Day”.  (I found on the web that is a controversial subject!) Anyway, as we passed down 5 &20, something grabbed my attention!  Even though we had been this way countless times,  a church steeple called out to me for a closer look…

awesome steeple 2.small

That steeple is just awesome!  All done up in stone,  it looks like this must have been quite the engineering feat!  (Mark was totally impressed when he saw the photo) Anyway,  Mark pulled down a side street so I could get close to the church.  He parked on the street and I hopped out as it would have been nearly impossible to get a decent photo otherwise…..there were strands and strands of wire on the electric poles!

Directly across the street is the most wonderful library and historical society.  (I need to really check this out!)

waterloo library and historical society.small

I took several photos and as I made my way back to the truck,  I walked past such an interesting house!  There were little American flags flying everywhere and there were little plaques along the side of the house commemorating the four branches of armed services.  As I took my photos,  I surmised this is definitely a  conservative Republican home.

definitely republican house 1.small

definitely republican house 2.small

Yes, there were elephants….all over the place!

I was amused that I had started with one interesting steeple that led to a library and a house!

As we left the village, Mark humored me by pulling over so I could capture our highly recognizable friend, Kermit the Frog.  I had seen this so many times and always wanted to photograph it!

kermit says antique shop is open.small

We only spent a tiny amount of time passing through Waterloo,  but this little treasure holds a wealth of history!